February 11, 2009

99 blogger post on the wall

take one down read it around..... 100 blogger post on the wall

oh, okay sorry for the song. This is in fact my 99Th post into blogger world. Can you believe that blogger hasn't kicked me off for my horrible grammar and spelling and lame content? Well, in honor of 100 coming up I'll be having a giveaway!!!

I have at least 10 readers a day according to my stat counter thingy! But only one of you :) leave comments regularly! Hopefully this giveway will make you come out of blog lurkerness..

Come back to see the 100Th post, it might be good!!

February 7, 2009


It's 12:06 on Saturday.
The kid has had a bath.
The dog has had a bath.
The dishes have had a bath.
The clothes have had a bath.
Who still hasn't had a bath??
That would be me, I feel yucky but, there is more cleaning to do. Oh, how I miss the days when a bath was a normal routine for me!!

*I'm looking for my cell phone and check card if anyone sees them!! Oh, my mind is gone

February 3, 2009

5 year trip

Our 5 year anniversary is in March. Ricky and I both want to go somewhere fun for it. We haven't traveled together much because we got pregnant two months after we got married. So,now that Regan is older and he would rather stay with anyone besides us..We want to go! Our problem is where do we want to go? A cruise? New York City? San Fransisco? Las Vegas? Florida Keys? Where should we go? I'm looking for suggestions. We have budget for two or three night with air and would rather not fly out of the country, Ricky doesn't have a passport. Help!!