July 29, 2009

You're such a R*t@rd!

You're such a retard! How often do you hear that phrase? How often do you say that phrase? Just take your average day.Some say it once a day and some lots more. It's a phrase that sometimes sets off the bells,whistles and flashing lights in my head other times just something that catches my attention like the words lemon pie.

Regan is the reason that hearing that phrase catches my ears. Yes, my child has mental retardation. My child has has a diagnosis that contains mentally retarded in the description. Ouch! Almost five years to deal with that one. Is it always a bad thing? No, not to us. Regan looks at the world like no other person I have ever met. He doesn't see race,sex,size, ability,disability or any other adjective, he sees people. People that he can wave to, smile at, tell them about football,cars, golf cart rides or motorcycle rides he wants to take. He is the kid that if the window is down in the car and he sees someone outside in their yard he yells HEY!! and waves like he has known them for all his short life. He doesn't let many people pass him in a store without speaking to them. He will hug a complete stranger and love on them like they were one of his family members. He wakes up with nothing but excitement for that day might be filled with McQueen, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, playing cars and chicken. Four of life's greatest pleasures to him. He doesn't and probably won't care how much money he has in the bank,what kind of car he is riding around in, what the stockmarket is doing that day or any other thing that we "typical" people care about. What a way to live! He looks for the good in all and sees it even when we don't take the time to glance at people. I sometimes wish I had the ability to see the good in people,to forgive quickly and love with no bounds.

So maybe we need to change the meaning of that phrase. Maybe it shouldn't be considered a bad thing but an adjective that we all strive to be. I used to get furious when someone said that around myself or Regan but now I'm to the place that it isn't such a bad thing. It reminds me to be thankful for all the accomplishments that Regan has achieved, it makes me remember 20 or so years ago when the doctors would recommend that kids like Regan be put away, that every day changes the perception of people and that my child will help change the way people think of "Retards". Maybe one day you will tell some one "You're such retard" and mean it to be that you are one of the most wonderful people on earth.

July 28, 2009

Where we need to be.....

I found this list at World book and wanted a check list of what Regan is doing and should be doing at his age.

Bold=things he is doing


* Understands big and little.
* Understands long and short.
* Matches shapes or objects based on size.
Colors and Shapes

* Recognizes and names primary colors.
* Recognizes circles.
* Recognizes rectangles.
* Matches shapes or objects based on shape.
* Copies shapes.

* Counts orally through 10.
* Counts objects in one-to-one correspondence.
* Understands empty and full.
* Understands more and less.
Reading Readiness

* Remembers objects from a given picture.
* Knows what a letter is.
* Has been read to frequently.
* Has been read to daily.
* Looks at books and magazines.
* Recognizes some nursery rhymes.
* Identifies parts of the body.
* Identifies objects that have a functional use.

* Knows common farm and zoo animals.
* Pronounces own first name.
* Pronounces own last name.
* Expresses self verbally.
* Identifies other children by name
* Tells the meaning of simple words.
* Repeats a sentence of 6-8 words.
* Completes incomplete sentence with proper word.
* Has own books.
* Understands that print carries a message.
* Pretends to read.
* Uses left-to-right progression.

* Answers questions about a short story.
* Tells the meaning of words heard in story.
* Looks at pictures and tells a story.
* Identifies own first name in manuscript.
* Prints own first name.
Position and Direction

* Understands up and down.
* Understands in and out.
* Understands front and back.
* Understands over (on) and under.
* Understands top, bottom, middle.
* Understands beside and next to.
* Understands hot and cold.
* Understands fast and slow.


* Understands day and night.
* Knows age and birthday.
Listening and Sequencing

* Follows simple directions.
* Listens to a short story.
* Listens carefully.

* Recognizes common sounds.
* Repeats a sequence of sounds.
* Repeats a sequence of orally given numbers.
* Retells simple stories in sequence.
Motor Skills

* Is able to run.
* Is able to walk a straight line.
* Is able to jump.
* Is able to hop.

* Is able to alternate feet walking down stairs.
* Is able to march.
* Is able to stand on one foot for 5-10 seconds.
* Is able to walk backwards for five feet.
* Is able to throw a ball.
* Pastes objects.
* Claps hands
* Matches simple objects.
* Touches fingers.
* Able to button a garment.
* Builds with blocks.
* Completes simple puzzles
(5 pieces or less).
* Draws and colors beyond
* a simple scribble.
* Able to zip a zipper.
* Controls pencil and crayon well.

* Cuts simple shapes.
* Handles scissors well.
* Able to copy simple shapes.
Social-Emotional Development

* Can be away from parents or primary care givers for 2-3 hours
without being upset.

* Takes care of toilet needs independently.
* Feels good about self.
* Is not afraid to go to school.

* Cares for own belongings.
* Knows full name.
* Dresses self.
* Knows how to use handkerchief
or tissue.

* Knows own sex.
* Brushes teeth.
* Crosses residential street safely.
* Asks to go to school.
* Knows parents' names.
* Knows home address.
* Knows home phone number.
* Enters into casual conversation.
* Carries a plate of food.
* Maintains self-control.
* Gets along well with other children.
* Plays with other children.
* Recognizes authority.
* Shares with others.
* Talks easily.
* Likes teachers.
* Meets visitors without shyness.

* Puts away toys.
* Able to stay on task.
* Able to work independently.
* Helps family with chores.

Right now Regan's language is still falling at 18-24 months. That is my biggest area of concern. He gets away with pointing and that is something we all need to work on. We go back to the doctor next week to recheck his hearing and see if he can pass a hearing test now. I'm still thinking he won't I am almost to the point of asking about some sort of device for him. I'm really afraid that his lack of hearing is the cause of his delays in speech and other areas such as size and shape concepts. I know that lots of his delays are typical for his diagnosis but I want to help him stay as close to his peers as possible. Oh, the joys of being a mother right? Constant worry.

July 27, 2009

mumble jumble

First off, Stellan! I have written about him before he is again in SVT and has been for days now. The doctor told his mom today that things were bad! This little boy has won over thousands of people and my heart just breaks for their entire family.

Today is Regan's last day at the UCP center!! I can't even think about it without crying. I can't even begin to tell you what they have meant to our little family. I know Regan is going to miss going and seeing his friends. He gets excited when we pull up and signs and says PLAY! It's been a wonderful three years!!

Nose bleeds at 7am are no fun! I immediately thought my blood pressure was up but I checked it and it wasn't. 120/80! So maybe just the hormones? maybe Regan punched me? Who knows.

All the baby clothes are washed! I have washed all the newborn-6 month clothes I have, I think. Kollyn should be good on clothes! We might need some 3-6 stuff just depending on how cold it gets and how long it stays cold. I'm very excited that his room is coming together and I have pictures to post, but I'm waiting till its done to post all of them.

See the title of this post was right! Just a mumble jumble of things. Anyway time to get busy in the Heath house.

July 24, 2009

<100 days

I have less than 100 days till this baby is here. AHHH! It kinda hit me lastnight that time is just flying by. We could have him in 10 weeks!! It will be no more than 13 weeks!! How scary is that?! We need to get a move on!!

Things to accomplish before he gets here:

~Get all his clothes washed. (I've washed some but no where near all of them)
~Get his changing table ready. (I have the pad but can't find my covers)
~Buy diapers!!!!! I only have two packs of diapers for him and one of them is a preemie pack of diapers.
~Get more thick blankets
~Get his name letters painted and hung.
~Get the baby swings and seats and make sure they all still work, if not need a new one
~Buy socks the sock monster ate all the socks that I thought I kept
~Find a coming home outfit for Kollyn
~Get Ricky to decide if we really need a new car seat. I'm thinking no.
~Install the car seat
~Find our baby monitor or buy new ones.
~Decide on a pediatrician or decide if we are keeping our current
~Find a lamp/nightlight for his room
~Decide if we need a breast pump and buy one

I can think of lots of other things but those are the main things that are bothering me.

Oh I can't wait to hold this baby in my arms!! 91 days till my due date!!!!

July 22, 2009

Can I just say that this pregnancy is not going very well. First off I started having blood pressure problems early on. I've been on medicine for that since about 10 weeks. Then 2 weeks ago I had infection in my urine and my Blood Pressure was once again running high. Today I had my 1 hour glucose test and failed it,pretty bad. Plus, I'm anemic now!! The one good thing is that my blood pressure was 134/80. Which is higher than it is at home but not at such a horrible level like before. I'm not sure things aren't just falling apart.

My mom proceeds to tell me that it's my fault and that I knew this would happen when I got pregnant and wasn't in the best health and that I'm not eating right and haven't been taking care of myself and I knew this was coming. Umm, thanks for the support mom! I disappoint her once again!!! Seems like that is all I ever do is embarrass her.

I go tomorrow for the 3 hour test. Should be fun!! Ricky is going to take off to keep me entertained. I could just take a book but having him there will make it go by faster, I hope!

July 14, 2009

PSA:my cookies WERE good

Well I was just fixing to post a post about my favorite new food item. It's Toll House Ultimates chocolate chip with caramel filling. Yummy isn't even the word to describe them. I cook them after the boys are gone to bed and enjoy it with some cold milk.

But when I went to their website to steal borrow a picture to show you the yummy goodness I notice that they have a recall on some cookie dough and umm my package is one that has been recalled for e. coli.I have already had three tonight!!! I'm now not going to tell you how wonderful they are but advise you to look at your cookie dough if you have any and pray that I don't get E. Coli from eating this tainted product.

Oh my I now want to throw them back up and never eat a chocolate chip cookie again.

July 13, 2009

Oh what fun

First off Regan will be having another surgery this week. We aren't looking forward to the recovery process. Regan will be on all liquids for a few days to a week. He should love all the popsicle meals he will have. Since his asthma acts up with icecream and milk we are looking for some interesting things to eat. Our freezer will soon be filled to the top with frozen stuff.

Last night when we came home from our dinner with my parents. I was putting stuff away and walked into the bathroom that we haven't used in two years but were getting ready to start using it again when the baby gets here and what do I find but about two inches of water standing in the floor and the toilet running over still!! Ricky came when he heard me screaming and got the water turned off but we had to rip the carpet up (Yes, I know carpet in a bathroom It was here when we bought the house) So The floor into the room is still damp but we worked for hours last night trying to get them dry. I'm so glad that under that carpet was some linoleum. It's not pretty but its better than ruining the floor of the bathroom. There is a piece of sheet rock that will need to replaced but we hope that that was all the water damage. Not the was to end a weekend.

I won't be posting much if any for the next few weeks while we recover. Hopefully I can start back after he is healed.

July 8, 2009

Maybe I should have stayed at home

Today was my 24 week check up. I'm offically 24weeks and 5days!!! Woohoo!! But things were a little hectic for this check up today.

First off my doctor was on vacation. So I saw the CRNP which is completely fine with me.
I was worried about my weight gain but I have only gained 1 pound in 4 weeks so not too bad I'd say!! I'm now up 5 pounds from my first check up at 6 weeks. That's pretty good!!

My blood pressure,as always,was up 150/90. I can't help it I'm nervous everytime!! So I heard the CRNP outside my room talking to another CRNP about my BP and then my urine. I was straining to hear what was being said but finally she came in. I have lots of WBC's in my urine!! GREAT! So that has to be sent to the lab for more testing. They will call me and let me know if I need to get some medication or what they find out.

Then when she goes to hear the heartrate she can't find it!!!! By this time I'm freaking out and my BP is skyrocketing. Finally she gets it. He was turned where she couldn't get it very good but it was there.

Then we discussed my BP. It's up, I'm taking my meds, I feel fine, it's lower at home, blah,blah. So she wants to check it again. When she does its 132/70!!!! Now yes that top number is higher than I want it to be but it was down around 20pts in about 10mins!!! I told you that I get nervous!!

We then talked about the vomiting that is happening at night. Umm, Morning sickness this late in pregnancy?? She thinks it's from heartburn. Makes sense to me!! So now I can drink umm I mean take Mylanta if I still have issues. Works for me.

I do have to go back in 2 weeks to be checked again and do my glucose tolerance test. Yummy!!

So now I'm on every 2weeks being checked!! I'm also measuring a week ahead!! This baby is going to outweigh his brother. Regan only weighed 5lbs 11oz so it won't take much to be bigger than he was.

What an eventful appointment! I'm ready to go back to fast simple and your outta here visits.