July 14, 2009

PSA:my cookies WERE good

Well I was just fixing to post a post about my favorite new food item. It's Toll House Ultimates chocolate chip with caramel filling. Yummy isn't even the word to describe them. I cook them after the boys are gone to bed and enjoy it with some cold milk.

But when I went to their website to steal borrow a picture to show you the yummy goodness I notice that they have a recall on some cookie dough and umm my package is one that has been recalled for e. coli.I have already had three tonight!!! I'm now not going to tell you how wonderful they are but advise you to look at your cookie dough if you have any and pray that I don't get E. Coli from eating this tainted product.

Oh my I now want to throw them back up and never eat a chocolate chip cookie again.

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