July 8, 2009

Maybe I should have stayed at home

Today was my 24 week check up. I'm offically 24weeks and 5days!!! Woohoo!! But things were a little hectic for this check up today.

First off my doctor was on vacation. So I saw the CRNP which is completely fine with me.
I was worried about my weight gain but I have only gained 1 pound in 4 weeks so not too bad I'd say!! I'm now up 5 pounds from my first check up at 6 weeks. That's pretty good!!

My blood pressure,as always,was up 150/90. I can't help it I'm nervous everytime!! So I heard the CRNP outside my room talking to another CRNP about my BP and then my urine. I was straining to hear what was being said but finally she came in. I have lots of WBC's in my urine!! GREAT! So that has to be sent to the lab for more testing. They will call me and let me know if I need to get some medication or what they find out.

Then when she goes to hear the heartrate she can't find it!!!! By this time I'm freaking out and my BP is skyrocketing. Finally she gets it. He was turned where she couldn't get it very good but it was there.

Then we discussed my BP. It's up, I'm taking my meds, I feel fine, it's lower at home, blah,blah. So she wants to check it again. When she does its 132/70!!!! Now yes that top number is higher than I want it to be but it was down around 20pts in about 10mins!!! I told you that I get nervous!!

We then talked about the vomiting that is happening at night. Umm, Morning sickness this late in pregnancy?? She thinks it's from heartburn. Makes sense to me!! So now I can drink umm I mean take Mylanta if I still have issues. Works for me.

I do have to go back in 2 weeks to be checked again and do my glucose tolerance test. Yummy!!

So now I'm on every 2weeks being checked!! I'm also measuring a week ahead!! This baby is going to outweigh his brother. Regan only weighed 5lbs 11oz so it won't take much to be bigger than he was.

What an eventful appointment! I'm ready to go back to fast simple and your outta here visits.

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