November 26, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

Just wanted to say Happy Turkey day! I love Thanksgiving, its just like Christmas without the stress. Noone cares if you got the right size or color. Just that your spending time together. My parents and Ricky's cook an amazing meal and Ricky and I get to enjoy it. I hope each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I'm not so sure we are going shopping on Friday. There are a few things I wouldn't mind getting. One of them is a GPS system. Walmart will be having one for 99.00!! You can also get it online so I may just do that and save the trip. Oh, and Ironman will be on sale for 9.00. This is the perfect time to stock up on some movies Target and Walmart put some good ones out for two, three and five dollars!! I hope you all have a wonderful time shopping. If you haven't already visit Here!
for a list of the stores and the deals that they will have on Friday. Shh, some stores already have their stuff on sale.

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November 25, 2008

What's a mommy to do?

What's a mommy to do when her three year old puts the clothes from the dryer back into the washer when the water is running??
Except tell him what a wonderful helper he is and wash the clothes AGAIN. No wonder I never get any laundry done.

November 24, 2008

It's not me Monday

I've been keeping up with mck mama's blog for a while now. She has an amazing family and recently added baby stellan to it. Stellan's birth was no ordinary birth. At around 20 weeks they were told that he wouldn't make it into this world. A few weeks ago he was born into our world a healthy little boy. A miracle! Her kids are adorable and you should check them out.

She does a not me Monday... A way of admitting to the things we have done in the past week. Here's my first

I so didn't let my child eat two krispy cream doughnuts for breakfast.

I so didn't tell my child that the shrimp on his plate was chicken just so he would eat it.

I also didn't put the same pair of socks on him two days in a row because I forgot to pack anymore. After insisting that I knew I had.

I would also like to think that I didn't come home from the conference, sleep 12 hours and then wake up sick.

Last but not least did I not tell the lady today in Target that there wasn't anything wrong with my kid he was a brat just like hers. Oops!

November 17, 2008

Peanuts aren't the only nuts in the world......

I read on one of the many websites that I visit that after one month you should not be upset by the loss of a baby. That it would take a month to mourn the loss of a baby but that's it. Ha! Its been 3weeks 5days 7hours for me and I'm not going to be over it in less than two days.......... What the heck??

Get your motor running...

I'm so excited to be getting out on the road this week. My mom, Regan and I are headed to the preschool conference in Mobile. She and Regan have days of fun lined up. The IMAX and children's museum, Bellingrath gardens, Dauphin Island to play in the sand, a boat ride, and of course lots of shopping!! I almost wish I wasn't going to be in classes. When I do get done with the classes we will be shopping!!

Roussos is one of our favorite places. We used to eat there when we went to Mardi Gras. We haven't been since 2000, the year that Mr. Roussos passed away. I'm hoping its still great. We met Mr.Roussos on our first trip to Mardi Gras and he was amazing to us given us great tips. He even threw us some special beads during one of the parades.

I'll be gone till late Friday. Have a great week!!

November 14, 2008

Christmas giveaway!!

I just entered into a great giveaway at
Christmas Giveaway Stocking 120x240
Go to their website and enter yourself!! A 100.00 to Sears would be nice!!
They have tons of giveaways this month. You can find something you like I'm sure!

November 12, 2008

If you look for us Saturday we will be ......

On the 50 yard line, row 18 seats 7&8 starting around 6:45pm until "we" beat Mississippi State University.

Merry Christmas my sweet husband!

Weekend getaway!

Ricky and I had planned to take Regan to the Tennessee aquarium on Monday but after a short pleading we headed to Gatlinburg on Sunday morning. The colors were amazing!! Yellows and reds were everywhere. I loved it! Here's some pictures..

We love to stay in a cabin but have found that Park Vista is a great Hotel to stay in. With two indoor pools and trolley service into down town its a great way to save on parking and fun to ride the trolley. Here's a picture of it from their website.

I love to go to the Tanger outlets and go shopping. With over 100 stores you can find just about anything. We did a good bit of Christmas shopping. Which is just42 days away!

November 7, 2008

Happy Friday!

Its been a week or so since I blogged so here ya go!

Things are pretty good here. We have our times when we get upset still about losing the baby. I've been trying to figure out something to do in remembrance of the baby. I'm not talking about anything big just a little something. I'm looking for ideas. Do you have any??

This weekends Alabama game should be a good one. I'm hoping Alabama wins so that Ricky will be happy the rest of the weekend!! He doesn't go back to work till Wednesday!! It will be nice to have him here. He has been an amazing support in the last two weeks. I'm just so thankful to have him in my life.

Regan has almost burned our house down twice this week!! Once he was in the living room and I was in the kitchen.I went to the back door for something and smelled smoke. When I looked in the living room there was smoke coming out of the heater!!!! He had put paper in the gas fireplace!! Then the next day he put a crayon in the heater in the game room. I just really don't know what to do with him. It seems that he is always doing things the minute I start doing something like washing dishes or clothes. He now has to go with me into every room. Its the only way I can keep him and our house safe.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Enjoy these beautiful fall colors!!