November 24, 2008

It's not me Monday

I've been keeping up with mck mama's blog for a while now. She has an amazing family and recently added baby stellan to it. Stellan's birth was no ordinary birth. At around 20 weeks they were told that he wouldn't make it into this world. A few weeks ago he was born into our world a healthy little boy. A miracle! Her kids are adorable and you should check them out.

She does a not me Monday... A way of admitting to the things we have done in the past week. Here's my first

I so didn't let my child eat two krispy cream doughnuts for breakfast.

I so didn't tell my child that the shrimp on his plate was chicken just so he would eat it.

I also didn't put the same pair of socks on him two days in a row because I forgot to pack anymore. After insisting that I knew I had.

I would also like to think that I didn't come home from the conference, sleep 12 hours and then wake up sick.

Last but not least did I not tell the lady today in Target that there wasn't anything wrong with my kid he was a brat just like hers. Oops!

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