November 25, 2008

What's a mommy to do?

What's a mommy to do when her three year old puts the clothes from the dryer back into the washer when the water is running??
Except tell him what a wonderful helper he is and wash the clothes AGAIN. No wonder I never get any laundry done.

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Shasta said...

Hey1 How is everything going? Just haven't talked to you in a long time..Wanted to see if we did something to offend you or Ricky. How is Regan doing, what's new besides him keeping you busy? HUnter is into everything and has been walking since the first of November without the walker, which he refused from the beginning anyway. How are you doing? I am finishing up this semester of school and its aggravating at times, but I love it. Tristan is growing bigger and acting at times like a grown up. I wish ya'll could have made the reception last night, it was so fun. Corey and I love to dance and I think our boys are going to be little dancers. Hunter loves music and Tristan loves to sing, which HUnter joins in and helps his dad and big brother. Maybe, when you are feeling up to it we could hang out. I miss you, Regan, and Ricky. Talk to you later. Got to get back to final exams. Holla!!!!!