August 31, 2009

Insurance company=Blah!

Dear Our lovely insurance company,our ENT,and the anesthesiologist ;

You stink!!

I will now have to clean out my baby emergency fund AGAIN!! This is the second time this year that we have had to take everything out to pay medical bills for Regan. I'm fed up with it!! You got over 5000.00 for Regan's surgery and now you want another 550.00?? Why can't you take what the insurance paid you and be happy?? I mean a surgery that lasted less than 10mins gets you paid 5000.00 and that isn't enough?

Now if something goes wrong with Kollyn we will have no emergency money to deal with stuff. Thanks ya big jerks!!

August 30, 2009

Menu Time

It's time for another week to begin. Well actually 17mins til Monday but I'm up and so here is what we are eating for the week!!
Monday~~ Dorito Chicken Casserole

Tuesday~~ Pizza~ Regan has open house so it will be easy

Wednesday~~Italian porkchops, corn, green beans ~~ Yes, I know we eat this every week but Ricky loves it and asks for it every week when I get the menu together.

Thursday~~ beef stroganoff~ My mom's version

Friday~~BBQ porkchops, Mac and cheese and broccoli and cheese

Saturday~~ START OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!! Michael and Candice are coming over and she is cooking her famous to us Brats and onion rings. I'm going to fix some snacks and dessert but it's going to be low key.

Sunday~~ My mom and I are heading to Georgia for Power's Crossroads We go every year and I'm bound and determined that being 33/34 weeks pregnant won't stop me. We will see what the doctor says Thursday.

Breakfast is easy since Regan is at school for breakfast. Ricky and I have waffles,cereal,french toast or cinnamon rolls.

I've got to do better on my lunch. I forget to eat! So this week I'm going to make some chicken salad and chicken and dumplings to eat for my lunch. Ricky got some meals and we will both eat some left overs.

Pretty simple but it always is with us. Have a good week!!

August 27, 2009

32 weeks

How far along: 32 weeks by my dates 33 weeks by Kollyn's measurements
Total weight gain/loss: 9 pounds
Maternity clothes? pants yes shirts I wear a mix of because most of my shirts are lose
Stretch marks? Not any new ones only the ones from Regan.
Sleep: What is that? About 4 hours a night and then usually a nap when Regan goes to school
Best moment this week: Sunday my mom brought us bags and bags of stuff she had bought us!! It was fun getting a surprise!!
Movement: YES! Crazy movements!
Food cravings: Lemon but that isn't anything new for me
Food aversions: none
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: lots of braxton hicks
Belly Button in or out? In.
What I miss: Sleep of course and feeling stable. I feel uncoordinated lately.
What I am looking forward to: Putting the car seat in. Packing my hospital bag. Which will happen next week before my test. ~~SEE BELOW~~
Weekly Wisdom: I have none
Milestones: I will be pregnant no more than 8 weeks!!!!

So I went to the doctor today! It was raining like crazy when I got there and I hate getting my feet wet so I about threw up trying to get into the building. My blood pressure was pretty good 130/80 and my iron was still up. So yea! The baby's heartrate was 164 which I think is good. Last week there was some blood in my urine and so that was a concern but there wasn't any this week. He is going to do a Non-stress test next week and check on the baby. Just to make sure there isn't any fetal distress. I'm trying to think positive and know that it will be okay. But I'm going to go ahead and pack my bags just in case we need some more monitoring next week.

August 21, 2009

Circle time

Today is Regan's first circle time. We filled his bag with all the things he loves Mr. Brown can Moo! Can you?,a motorcycle,football jersery,and Elmo's world Wild Wild West I have practiced and practiced with him on using his words to tell about each item. Things like his roll tide he says, paw paw motorcycle ride, wild wild west and his version of moo,moo buzz,buzz. This is the day that I want to be there, I want to explain things for him. I don't want him to be laughed at by kids in his class. While I know they will have stories about their items I'm praying that he says two words about what is in his bag. I debated on sending a note in his bag with all his things so that the aide or teacher could tell about it for him but then decided that I would let him do it. He doesn't need me to fix everything, maybe if he sees the other kids telling about their things he will be able to follow their lead. At least that is what I'm hoping for.

I couldn't help but wonder how things went today so I emailed Regan's teacher. She sent me an email back and said that he good. He showed the pages of the Mr. Brown can moo! Can you? book and when asked if mommy reads the book to him he said daddy read book. When it was time to put everything up he took off his shirt and tried to put his jersey on so she let him wear it the rest of the day. Yea!!

Here are some pictures she sent me!

August 20, 2009

Well that was fun

I really enjoyed the first week of school. I got tons of stuff done which was great. But I'm now ready to have my little man back at home with me. It's awful quiet here on the home front. The only thing that keeps me from running after the bus every single day this week is knowing that in a few weeks Kollyn will be here to entertain me. Plus, the kids really likes school. He still gets excited to see the bus coming and tells me every morning bus ride!

Is it too early to wish for Summer vacation?

August 17, 2009

This post has been deleted a million times.......

I've spent an hour writing this long detailed post and now it seems I've deleted it all. Oh well! Here is the cliff note version.

I need someone to take my side.
I need sometimes for other people to admit that they see the delays in Regan.
I need to know that I'm not the only one working on him.
I need to know that people respect my decisions on what happens with Regan.
I need to know that my name isn't being smeared to other people just because you don't like what my rules are.
I need to know that this will get better.
I need to know that this isn't going to tear my little family apart.
I need to know that some people would stop what they are doing to spend time with Regan.

I would like to blame this on hormones, but its something that just keeps building inside me.

Menu time

Monday~ Italian pork chops,corn,broccoli and cheese

Tuesday~Taco Salad

Wednesday~Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Thursday~ Grilled cheese/ Ham sandwiches, salad

Friday~ Taco soup

Saturday~ Chicken fingers,tater tots or pizza, cupcakes
(We are having Levi and Katie over for the day. Friday was Katie's birthday and so she is coming over to play with Regan and Levi and Ricky are going to do the guy thing and play NCAA10)

Pretty simple this week.

August 13, 2009

30 weeks flew by in a flash.....

I'm now 31 weeks pregnant!! I know that just yesterday I was 29 weeks but when we went to the doctor today this little boy was measuring ahead and so we are looking at October 17th now!!! Some of his measurements were 2+weeks ahead and some where they should be. So we got to change our date by 1 week. Right now he weighs 3lb 5oz!!

My blood pressure was 123/78. There was no protein in my urine and my iron level was 11.4. Everything that was bad last week was perfect today!! I'm was ecstatic when I saw the blood pressure result. That made my day so much better, heck that made the week better. I'm feeling great and this baby is doing great!

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. Looks like we are right on track for a little pumpkin in mid-October!!

August 11, 2009

First days of school!!!

Regan started school yesterday. I decided to tell his story with pictures so you can see how it has been for him.

His I gotta go where? face

Here we are at school.

Walking into school holding on to daddy

Here is my place at the table

Mommy and daddy are letting me play all day??

Here comes to bus!! Meme has waited all day!

My first bus ride!!!!

Sitting on the porch waiting on time for the bus

Regan saying bus ride!!

Making our way to the end of the driveway

Jumping is so much fun

The bus is coming!!!!!

These steps are HUGE!!

The bus is turned around and heading to school

August 7, 2009

Giveaway I would love to have

Ricky's wedding band is now too little for him. He has thickened up so much since we got married that about a month ago he struggled to get his wedding band off. Since then it has been sitting in the jewelery cabinet. My plan is to get him a new one for when Kollyn is born. I would love to be able to give him a present for giving me two wonderful little boys.

So you can only imagine my excitement when tonight I ran across a giveaway on Jenna's blog. To giveaway a Tungsten wedding band!!! Click here to visit her and her adorable little boy.

Oh please let me win!!

Details make the difference

I've gotten a few emails,comments, and sweet phone calls ;) asking about what is going on with this post so here you go. The not so short version.

I went to the doctor Wednesday. Took Regan with me for the first time. He did SOOO good. He played with his cars and sat in the chair while I was measured and we listened to Kollyn's heart. He was amazing!!

Ok that isn't the part you wanted to know is it? So first off I jumped on the scale and was down some. Two pounds actually so I've only gained 5 pounds this entire pregnancy. As we all know I had plenty extra before I got pregnant so the little gain isn't something to worry about! Promise!

Then my least favorite thing. BLOOD PRESSURE!! It was 143/79. Bottom number good,top a little higher than they want it to be. So off to the room we go. Amazing doctor comes in and measures me and says he is a growing boy!! I assume it just means that he is still ahead a week like he was two weeks ago. He then tells me that he has grown LOTS!! and I'm measuring way ahead of what I am.

He listens to the heart rate and its 144. That is where its been just about every time we go in. So sweet!

Then he tells me that my blood pressure is creeping up. And I know this it has been higher at home. He tell me that their is protein showing up in my urine. SAY WHAT? I know that that is a sign of preeclampsia Which isn't good.

He then tells me he wants to do an ultrasound of the baby next week to see exactly how big he is. Because he doesn't want to let him get "Too Big" and that we might look at other options when we see how big he is.

Now I'm officially 29 weeks pregnant but baby boy here is measuring like he is 35 or 36 weeks. So instead of 11 weeks to go we may have less. Like lots less. So here is my panic setting in. Not only is my body having a hard time dealing with the stress of pregnancy. Like the infection,protein in the urine, high blood pressure and all that stuff that I know isn't good for my health. This baby may be born soon and I'm not ready!!!! So next weekend is going to be get things ready for Kollyn to be here. I have to get everything ready because I'm afraid the next step for me will be bedrest if this Blood pressure and protein thing doesn't get better!!! I'm just hoping that it is home bed rest and not hospital bed rest!!!!
I go to the doctor Thursday morning so we will know what is going on then! Right now I'm just praying that Kollyn is a healthly little man and we don't meet for the next 7 to 8 weeks.

School time= New Shoes

Every year my favorite part of school was getting my back to school shoes. I love the feel of new shoes to start school back. I went yesterday and got Regan some new shoes at Hicks Family Shoes in Gadsden. They take the time to measure and work to find a shoes that actually fits and not just hand you something from the back of the store. The sweet lady worked with Regan almost an hour trying to make sure we got shoes that would fit over his braces and not be moving around on him. She was fantastic!! Trying shoes on Regan is always a chore he hates new shoes but he did great yesterday! Yea for a good shoe day!!

Here are his new shoes!!

Hus Puppies Unleashed Brown Suede
Hush puppies~47.99

Stride rite ~Grind
Stride rite~ 40.00
He picked them out and even though we usually try to buy in New Balance or Nike, I know that these shoes fit correctly and that his foot is well taken care of in them.

Thanks Ms. Fran for making our shoe shopping experience a fun one!!

August 5, 2009

I hate it....

Tonight I hate Down Syndrome!!!
I hate that my child is uncomfortable and can't tell me what is going on.
I hate that it affects his speech and he doesn't have the ability to tell me things.
I hate it!!

I'm hoping that he is finally asleep. He has got out of bed no less than 10 times and just can't seem to get comfortable. He keeps kissing his leg so that makes me wonder if he is hurting. He won't answer when we ask him and that makes me mad. Not at him but at the down syndrome for causing him to have speech issues that keep him from telling us what is going on.

I want to know why? Why would any person have to have a disease that makes their life difficult. Why can't he have the ability to tell his meme what is wrong. Yes, I know I shouldn't question these things and all that other stuff but just for tonight I wanna know why!

This roller coaster is not so fun...

The bad
~Blood pressure "Creeping up" 143/79
~Protein in urine
~Baby measuring BIG as in 6weeks big
~May be looking at a early induction

The good
Lost two pounds, now only a 5 pound weight gain for this pregnancy
Get to have an ultrasound next Thursday to see exactly how big this little guy is
Hubby is taking off to go with me to the ultrasound
Kollyn's heart rate a great 144bpm!!

August 3, 2009

Menu Monday

I'm trying my best to make up menus for the week. With Regan starting school next week I'm going to try to have dinner plans made so that we can play and work when he gets home and I'm not worrying about what to cook.

Monday~ Tater tot casserole & Salad

Tuesday~ Taco salad

Wednesday~ Red beans and Rice

Thursday~ Crock pot Italian chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and garlic bread

Friday~ Pork chops, souped up rice, broccoli and cheese

Breakfast is the same as usual for us Waffles, fruit, cereal, muffins, toast, cinnamon rolls or something else easy. I've been wanting a breakfast pizza so if Ricky is off Saturday we may have it.

Lunch at our house is pretty simple~ Ramen noodles, sandwich, chicken nuggets, salad, chicken ranch wrap,or grilled cheese.

We are going to enjoy our last week together just he and I. I go to the doctor Wednesday and Regan goes Thursday. I can't believe Summer break is over and it's time to get started again with therapy and school lessons!!!

August 1, 2009

28 weeks!!

Hello 3rd Trimester!! I can't believe it is finally here. So here's my check in.

How far along: 28 weeks,1day or 29 weeks, 1 day~ Kollyn is measuring a week ahead!!
Total weight gain/loss: 7 pounds!! I'm so thankful that he is growing just fine and I'm not gaining the weight back that I had lost from October to December
Maternity clothes? mostly. I'm wearing lots of dresses and they aren't maternity
Stretch marks? Not any new ones only the ones from Regan.
Sleep: about 4 to 5 hours a night maybe! I am begging Regan for a nap by lunch time
Best moment this week: Well actually still on a high from learning that I passed the 3 hour glucose test!!
Movement: YES! This little boy is active! I mean constant until someone wants to feel him then he stops. He gets really excited when he hears Ricky.
Food cravings: nothing really
Food aversions: none
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: lots of braxton hicks, actually got a little nervous this morning because they were so strong.
Belly Button in or out? In I have a pretty deep one to start with
What I miss: sleep and sweet tea, although I have snuck in a few glasses this week
What I am looking forward to: I go back to the doctor on Wednesday
Weekly Wisdom: Nothing anyone have any good wisdom for me?
Milestones: 3rd Trimester is here!!!!

Here is the view when I look down.....
Here I am in front of the crib