August 7, 2009

School time= New Shoes

Every year my favorite part of school was getting my back to school shoes. I love the feel of new shoes to start school back. I went yesterday and got Regan some new shoes at Hicks Family Shoes in Gadsden. They take the time to measure and work to find a shoes that actually fits and not just hand you something from the back of the store. The sweet lady worked with Regan almost an hour trying to make sure we got shoes that would fit over his braces and not be moving around on him. She was fantastic!! Trying shoes on Regan is always a chore he hates new shoes but he did great yesterday! Yea for a good shoe day!!

Here are his new shoes!!

Hus Puppies Unleashed Brown Suede
Hush puppies~47.99

Stride rite ~Grind
Stride rite~ 40.00
He picked them out and even though we usually try to buy in New Balance or Nike, I know that these shoes fit correctly and that his foot is well taken care of in them.

Thanks Ms. Fran for making our shoe shopping experience a fun one!!

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Jesse said...

Both are truly nice shoes!! I like the second design... This one is perfect!!