August 27, 2009

32 weeks

How far along: 32 weeks by my dates 33 weeks by Kollyn's measurements
Total weight gain/loss: 9 pounds
Maternity clothes? pants yes shirts I wear a mix of because most of my shirts are lose
Stretch marks? Not any new ones only the ones from Regan.
Sleep: What is that? About 4 hours a night and then usually a nap when Regan goes to school
Best moment this week: Sunday my mom brought us bags and bags of stuff she had bought us!! It was fun getting a surprise!!
Movement: YES! Crazy movements!
Food cravings: Lemon but that isn't anything new for me
Food aversions: none
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: lots of braxton hicks
Belly Button in or out? In.
What I miss: Sleep of course and feeling stable. I feel uncoordinated lately.
What I am looking forward to: Putting the car seat in. Packing my hospital bag. Which will happen next week before my test. ~~SEE BELOW~~
Weekly Wisdom: I have none
Milestones: I will be pregnant no more than 8 weeks!!!!

So I went to the doctor today! It was raining like crazy when I got there and I hate getting my feet wet so I about threw up trying to get into the building. My blood pressure was pretty good 130/80 and my iron was still up. So yea! The baby's heartrate was 164 which I think is good. Last week there was some blood in my urine and so that was a concern but there wasn't any this week. He is going to do a Non-stress test next week and check on the baby. Just to make sure there isn't any fetal distress. I'm trying to think positive and know that it will be okay. But I'm going to go ahead and pack my bags just in case we need some more monitoring next week.

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mawmaw said...

we will pray that everything will be ok love ya so much just stay as calm as you can i know it is hard but try to you know we are here for you and rick and regan and kollyn i am glad that the dr. is taking all kinds of precautions some of them dont seem like nothing bothers them you know what i mean we will all be ok with the LOrds help we are praying for you ya come tosee us we miss ya hugs and kissess !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!