August 21, 2009

Circle time

Today is Regan's first circle time. We filled his bag with all the things he loves Mr. Brown can Moo! Can you?,a motorcycle,football jersery,and Elmo's world Wild Wild West I have practiced and practiced with him on using his words to tell about each item. Things like his roll tide he says, paw paw motorcycle ride, wild wild west and his version of moo,moo buzz,buzz. This is the day that I want to be there, I want to explain things for him. I don't want him to be laughed at by kids in his class. While I know they will have stories about their items I'm praying that he says two words about what is in his bag. I debated on sending a note in his bag with all his things so that the aide or teacher could tell about it for him but then decided that I would let him do it. He doesn't need me to fix everything, maybe if he sees the other kids telling about their things he will be able to follow their lead. At least that is what I'm hoping for.

I couldn't help but wonder how things went today so I emailed Regan's teacher. She sent me an email back and said that he good. He showed the pages of the Mr. Brown can moo! Can you? book and when asked if mommy reads the book to him he said daddy read book. When it was time to put everything up he took off his shirt and tried to put his jersey on so she let him wear it the rest of the day. Yea!!

Here are some pictures she sent me!

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mawmaw said...

i know how you feel i think about him everyday just let me know how he done i love him so much he is my sunshine of my life and want to be there for everything he does too but we have to let him grow up i want to protect him forever that is the mother in us because it never goes away you know that because of me and nana love ya God bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adrian said...

What a big boy he has become I can't believe he is actually old enough to be going to blows my mind! What an amazing child that you and Ricky are raising!! I am SO proud of ya'll!! Ya'll are doing a GREAT job!! Love ya'll!!!