August 7, 2009

Details make the difference

I've gotten a few emails,comments, and sweet phone calls ;) asking about what is going on with this post so here you go. The not so short version.

I went to the doctor Wednesday. Took Regan with me for the first time. He did SOOO good. He played with his cars and sat in the chair while I was measured and we listened to Kollyn's heart. He was amazing!!

Ok that isn't the part you wanted to know is it? So first off I jumped on the scale and was down some. Two pounds actually so I've only gained 5 pounds this entire pregnancy. As we all know I had plenty extra before I got pregnant so the little gain isn't something to worry about! Promise!

Then my least favorite thing. BLOOD PRESSURE!! It was 143/79. Bottom number good,top a little higher than they want it to be. So off to the room we go. Amazing doctor comes in and measures me and says he is a growing boy!! I assume it just means that he is still ahead a week like he was two weeks ago. He then tells me that he has grown LOTS!! and I'm measuring way ahead of what I am.

He listens to the heart rate and its 144. That is where its been just about every time we go in. So sweet!

Then he tells me that my blood pressure is creeping up. And I know this it has been higher at home. He tell me that their is protein showing up in my urine. SAY WHAT? I know that that is a sign of preeclampsia Which isn't good.

He then tells me he wants to do an ultrasound of the baby next week to see exactly how big he is. Because he doesn't want to let him get "Too Big" and that we might look at other options when we see how big he is.

Now I'm officially 29 weeks pregnant but baby boy here is measuring like he is 35 or 36 weeks. So instead of 11 weeks to go we may have less. Like lots less. So here is my panic setting in. Not only is my body having a hard time dealing with the stress of pregnancy. Like the infection,protein in the urine, high blood pressure and all that stuff that I know isn't good for my health. This baby may be born soon and I'm not ready!!!! So next weekend is going to be get things ready for Kollyn to be here. I have to get everything ready because I'm afraid the next step for me will be bedrest if this Blood pressure and protein thing doesn't get better!!! I'm just hoping that it is home bed rest and not hospital bed rest!!!!
I go to the doctor Thursday morning so we will know what is going on then! Right now I'm just praying that Kollyn is a healthly little man and we don't meet for the next 7 to 8 weeks.

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