August 11, 2009

First days of school!!!

Regan started school yesterday. I decided to tell his story with pictures so you can see how it has been for him.

His I gotta go where? face

Here we are at school.

Walking into school holding on to daddy

Here is my place at the table

Mommy and daddy are letting me play all day??

Here comes to bus!! Meme has waited all day!

My first bus ride!!!!

Sitting on the porch waiting on time for the bus

Regan saying bus ride!!

Making our way to the end of the driveway

Jumping is so much fun

The bus is coming!!!!!

These steps are HUGE!!

The bus is turned around and heading to school

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Adrian said...

OK Wow my heart actually aches for you as I look at these pictures...I can not believe it..I started crying as soon as I saw it...Call me soon or come eat lunch with me soon...I miss ya!!