August 30, 2009

Menu Time

It's time for another week to begin. Well actually 17mins til Monday but I'm up and so here is what we are eating for the week!!
Monday~~ Dorito Chicken Casserole

Tuesday~~ Pizza~ Regan has open house so it will be easy

Wednesday~~Italian porkchops, corn, green beans ~~ Yes, I know we eat this every week but Ricky loves it and asks for it every week when I get the menu together.

Thursday~~ beef stroganoff~ My mom's version

Friday~~BBQ porkchops, Mac and cheese and broccoli and cheese

Saturday~~ START OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!! Michael and Candice are coming over and she is cooking her famous to us Brats and onion rings. I'm going to fix some snacks and dessert but it's going to be low key.

Sunday~~ My mom and I are heading to Georgia for Power's Crossroads We go every year and I'm bound and determined that being 33/34 weeks pregnant won't stop me. We will see what the doctor says Thursday.

Breakfast is easy since Regan is at school for breakfast. Ricky and I have waffles,cereal,french toast or cinnamon rolls.

I've got to do better on my lunch. I forget to eat! So this week I'm going to make some chicken salad and chicken and dumplings to eat for my lunch. Ricky got some meals and we will both eat some left overs.

Pretty simple but it always is with us. Have a good week!!

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