August 20, 2009

Well that was fun

I really enjoyed the first week of school. I got tons of stuff done which was great. But I'm now ready to have my little man back at home with me. It's awful quiet here on the home front. The only thing that keeps me from running after the bus every single day this week is knowing that in a few weeks Kollyn will be here to entertain me. Plus, the kids really likes school. He still gets excited to see the bus coming and tells me every morning bus ride!

Is it too early to wish for Summer vacation?

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mawmaw said...

no it is not to early to want summer vacation to be here i miss him too just think when we have summer and go somewhere we will have baby kollyn with us i am glad he likes school i know it is quite at your house without my little man there but just relax and take it easy because it want be long untill kollyn avery is here!!!!!!!! give my regan hugs and kisses we love our big school boy God bless ya roll tide roll go valley cubs and go thunder