August 5, 2009

I hate it....

Tonight I hate Down Syndrome!!!
I hate that my child is uncomfortable and can't tell me what is going on.
I hate that it affects his speech and he doesn't have the ability to tell me things.
I hate it!!

I'm hoping that he is finally asleep. He has got out of bed no less than 10 times and just can't seem to get comfortable. He keeps kissing his leg so that makes me wonder if he is hurting. He won't answer when we ask him and that makes me mad. Not at him but at the down syndrome for causing him to have speech issues that keep him from telling us what is going on.

I want to know why? Why would any person have to have a disease that makes their life difficult. Why can't he have the ability to tell his meme what is wrong. Yes, I know I shouldn't question these things and all that other stuff but just for tonight I wanna know why!

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