June 27, 2008

It should be called friedday

I figured out why they named it Friday. It cause your fried by the time the weekend gets here. I know that I'm a stay at home mom and my life is taking care of one kid, But I'm exhausted this week.

We haven't even had that much running around to do this week. I guess thats why we have been home and the days have been long.

I feel like I have accomplished things this week though. I got my doors painted,some berries picked, peach trees thinned out, emptied our leaning pool, worked on the mess that has grown on the fence, went to a support group meeting that didn't happen, went to THE doctor, started my journey into a hopefull pregnancy, had supper with some friends, cut Regan's fingernails (which is a battle), cut his hair, cleaned out my car,went fishing and did what ever else I forget to put on here oh and worked on raising a energetic three year old!

I often think that I didn't work this hard working full time. I know that I wasn't as mentally challenged as being a stay at home mom. Keeping a house clean and a three year old from tearing up one end while you clean the other end is a job. I have never been very good at keeping a clean house and I'm sure not with Regan around.

Point of this post is.......well, I'm not real sure. Just a self reminder that stay at home mom is a 7 day a week job with OT and the benefits you get are seeing the everyday changes in a cute little man.

June 26, 2008

Umm.. this may be TMI for some of you

Lets start first with my doctor appointment. I have had crazy cycles since Regan was born. I went to the doctor last year and we discussed some differently options especially since we were wanting another baby. I chickened out! I didn't go back like I supposed to. I had to chart temps for a month and I made it like 3 weeks and then life got busy and I just never called.

So it was time for that dreaded yearly exam again. I started last month charting my temps again so we could see what was going on. I absolutely love the doctor I see at Anniston OB/GYN. He is great and makes me feel so much more comfortable than any other I have seen. So we get in there and start talking and he ask me what happened and if I was still wanting another child. We start discussing symptoms and what is going on with me and he decides to run some test for PCOS. I have read about this before and thought this may be what was going on. But I will know for sure in a few weeks. Then we discussed that the meds that would help treat the pcos would also help me for having a baby! I'm really ready to get all of this taken care of. I only wish I would have done this last year. I'll post more when I find out the results.

June 23, 2008

Pictures to share

I finally put up Regan's tire swing that my mom bought last Summer. I just now thought he was ready to enjoy it. I love taken Summer pictures in black and white. It just feels so old to me. Regan loves to hang in the tire swing and spin himself around. So I've got some pretty good pictures and just wanted to share them. ENJOY!!

I've also taken some different picture and wanted to post them also. We picked blueberries over the weekend and I took a picture of Regan putting his hands in the blueberries and its one of my favorite pictures.

Fishing and bait for those mosquitos

We spent yesterday afternoon at my step-grandmothers place on the river. My paw-paw passed away eight years ago in May but she has always keep up with us. Jay and my dad go fishing a good bit there and Ricky goes some too. Ricky and I decided we wanted to enjoy the afternoon doing something different than we usually do so we went. I could care less what I catch as long as I'm catching something. Jay and Ricky set out for only "THE BIG ONE" I caught 7 fish!! Ricky caught 0 and Jay caught 1! Although his 1 weighed more than my seven put together I still won!!

The top two are mine and the bottom picture is the one that Jay caught!

I think the mosquito population feed off of my legs and arms! I haven't had so many bites in years. I surely don't remember them itching as bad as these do. I have these huge places all over where they got me. It was a great afternoon and I'm already talking about going back....... very soon!

June 21, 2008

Quote for the week

Here's my quote of the week............

If you cannot find happiness along the way, you cannot find it at the end of the road.
~Author unknown

June 20, 2008

Toby Keith...rocked

Well, The concert was probably one of the best concerts I've been too. Montgomery Gentry and Toby were awesome and even the two bands that opened for them were good. The first band have only two songs and one of them was something about a girl sporting a beer gut. So funny and one of the guys was dancing crazy and even broke out the worm!! So good!! Anyway I was so afraid it was going to be too hot but when the sun went down it felt pretty good. The men on stage made us all a little hot! We had a great time! My camera and I didn't get along but I'll try to put some pictures up. Most of them are blurry.

A people were a little to intoxicated to be there. I have no problem with a drink or so here and there. I had a margarita but one lady was so drunk there is no way she would even remember who was playing. I just don't get that you pay money to get so drunk you can't walk. Plus, the price of drinks were CRAZY! Oh well it looked like she was with a sugar daddy anyway.

*** Maw maw I still think you can get meds for your "addiction" to Regan.
She cried when we left him and then proceeded to pull out a picture of him that she had packed!

I hope that have another child so that I can one day know the addiction I hear grandparents talk about. I felt guilty about not being sad to leave him. I miss being something other than just mommy sometimes. I love being a mommy but I also miss being "K" and going out last night helped alot with my emotions.

June 18, 2008

Toby Keith.. I'm coming to see you!!

Tomorrow night I'm going to see Toby Keith with my MIL Rita, Glenda, and Jamie Glenda's Daughter-in-law!! I'm excited. Its been years since I have been to a concert actually I can't remember is John Mayer was our last or if City Stages with Kidd Rock back in 2004 was. Anyway its been awhile! From what I've read you can't have a camera so I that part stinks but it should be fun!

June 17, 2008


Today is my dad's 53 birthday! I feel like it wasn't very long ago when he came home for his 40th with a shaved head. It was the strangest thing I had ever seen him do. My mom was in shock I think because usually my dad doesn't let things like birthdays be a big thing but 40 was.

Here's some things about my dad from over the years.

1. He always got home from work when I was a kid at 10:23pm~ You could count down to the minute he would pull in the drive way
2. He wears black t-shirts and blue jeans every day
3. He taught me how to shoot a gun when I was little
4. He makes the best turkey and dressing in the world
5. He likes to cook
6. I was 15 when I crawled in his lap and asked him to not make me go out with this guy. He stepped outside and told him to leave and never come back
7. He taught me that its part of marriage to have my feet rubbed and not to accept anything less
8. He used to let me sit on his foot and he would walk with me holding on for dear life.
9. He gave piggy back rides when I would meet him at the car at 10:23pm
10. He never said much but what he said was how he honestly felt
11. He taught be to make a decision and then do it. Not to keep going back and forth
12. He still baits my hook and takes my fish off the hook. Heck he even casts it if I can't get it where I want it!!
13. We used to watch the Smurfs on Saturday mornings
14. He recently showed me how to can green beans
15. He put rocks in my cleats to make me stop running flat footed
16. He took me to get my ear pierced on top in Panama City even though mom wasn't too sure about it
17. He had a heart attack summer before my junior year and saw me walk past the er room he was in. Mom thought he was crazy.
18. He had to remind me to walk at my wedding cause I just stood there.
19. He is so fun to see with Regan when its the two of them together.
20. He once covered up the doll in the crib and left me asleep in the floor from where I had crawled out of the crib.
21. My dad worked 6/7 days a week 10/12 hours a day so that he could provide all that we needed even though he missed out on a lot of us growing up
22. He makes the best homemade cough syrup
23. He still calls me boop after all these years
24. He is so color blind it isn't funny
25. He works in the paint department at honda and can't tell what color is what!

Happy Birthday Dad!

June 16, 2008

Just some thoughts

I'm up at 11 tonight because:

1~ I'm reading a book
2~ Its hot in our house tonight
3~ I'm emotional tonight

I have been addicted to reading her lately and seem to read a book every two days. I really have been enjoying James Patterson books. I used to be a Sandra Brown reader only but she seems to have too many details about the "adult" interactions. I don't need to know every move and every groove a couple does. YA KNOW!?!

Its so hot the air is on 72 but whew I can't seem to get cool enough. Maybe its hormones which is why I'm sad tonight.

Regan has been a mess today. Its just been a crazy day for him. I should be passed out. My cell phone got a bath today. I had washed dishes this afternoon and he got my cell phone and threw it into the dish water!!!! My brand new phone that is less than 2 weeks old is now filled with water. I did take it apart and start blow drying it but I'm not sure its going to make it. :( Plus I didn't get insurance cause well I just didn't!!

I'm going to try this sleeping thing again. Good Night!!

June 14, 2008

Quote of the week

I found a little book a few weeks ago with different sayings in them. I have fallen in love with reading them and here's my fav of the week!

"The only people with whom you should try to get even with are those who have helped you." ~~~ Mae Maloo

How true that is! I have been bothered by some situations that I seem to be stuck in and not sure how to handle but I have kept this in mind this week to help me.

Hope your having a great weekend!!

June 13, 2008


Ricky and I have been trying to have a baby for two years this month. I haven't been on a typical cycle since I had Regan. At first it was blamed on hormones, then stress, then body changes, weight gain, not ovulating, stress again and now here we are. I want Regan to have a brother or sister so badly but can't figure out how to get there.

My heart says adoption and more specifically a child with Down Syndrome ( yes you read correctly DS) My brain then says WHAT?!? Financially it will be hard to afford adoption even with lots of the grants out there for special needs adoption, we also worry about who would be here for their future and the financial part of their future. We have a plan for Regan set up so that if we pass away he will have money set aside for his long term care. But to be able to have enough money for two children to live off of would be lots of money.

I have no doubt that Ricky and I would love a adopted child like it was our biological child. We fall in love with our friends kids and love them like they were our own. I feel that we could change our family in a positive way and save a child that needs and deserves a family like ours. We know the process and steps to take to get the services that the child would need and we know the greatest therapist if we could get an infant. Plus we know the joy that Regan brings to our world and would love to double that.

Our other option is to start fertility treatment. I'm so scared about that because of the risk of multiples. I would hate to have to take away from Regan while on bed rest if that was to happen.

We are looking at so many different things right now and are hoping for a door to open either way.

I'll try to keep y'all updated on what our path maybe. Hopefully this time next year we will have more members in our little family.

June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Adrian

Today is Adrian's birthday!!!!

This is for my dearest friend!!
I still feel like we are kids and are out for summer break. Ten years ago today we got permisson to drive to Birmingham to go shopping at the Galleria. We thought we were so great because we drove there by ourself and did what we wanted. We have been together through so much in our last 10. Boyfriends who weren't right, cheering memories, toliet paper incidents, roller blading accidents, rafting adventures, trips up that spooky hill, ice cream trips, broken hearts,backstreet boy obsessions, cheer coaching disasters,huge stories to tell our parents knowing that they knew we were making them up, lost keys, life changes, babies and so much more. I can't begin to express how much you have meant to me, your encourgement and hugs over the years have helped me through so much. Even when we are at our busiest with our lives I always know your there. I hope you have a wonderful day today and that we can have many more adventures in our future. Happy 26th!

June 8, 2008

Our weekend movies

We rented two movies this weekend and here's my thoughts on them.

Juno Juno was a interesting movie. Ricky and I had seen it on the MTV movie awards and it won a few awards. I thought it was cute. It keeps you into the movie with the witty words and strange little things that happen. Not one that we have to buy but it was cute to watch.
Semi-Pro Semi-Pro was one that I know I wouldn't buy even if it was 1.00. I just didn't think it made any sense. I'm not a big fan of Will Ferrell anyway but this didn't help matters at all.
* The language in this movie is really bad! Plus they use the retard word and I don't think it needs to be in any movie (blog on that another day)
The bucket list comes out Tuesday and I can't wait! I've been wanting to see that movie for months! Yippee!!

Where did the weekend go?

We had a good weekend! After my disaster of a Friday I was glad to see Saturday get here. Regan and I played in the pool most of the day Saturday it was great but the water is getting hot it was like 94 outside and I think the water was 85 or so. Sunday we went to eat at ,took some shirts back to Ross and then spent the day hanging out and working in the yard.

I bought my first pair of shorts since probably 2002. I absolutely hate wearing shorts I used to hate when I saw people walking and their shorts were riding up their legs and stuck in their crotch anyway so as I have gained quite a bit of weight since my earlier days I just can't stand the thought of it. But today I bought some. They feel a little funny and I keep pulling on them but they are cooler than pants and I can't find anymore Capri's that I like the style of. Plus, I'm getting a tan on my legs and it looks better. I think?!?

June 6, 2008

Everything is broke.........

Today has not been as productive as I had hoped for. This morning I couldn't get my phone to sync with new music I wanted to download, the riding mower had a flat and then the belt came off. Ricky came home to check on it cause he thought it could be put back on but it can't its really stretched and messed up. I told him that I didn't think it could be fixed but I guess him being a man and all he thought that I was crazy or something. So now I've been using the push mower to cut some of the yard and well its hot. So after my short break I'm going to finish up the inside of the fence and then go swimming. Hopefully this afternoon we will get a new belt and then I can finish up the yard the evening. I hope nothing else breaks on me today!!

Natalie and Regan

Tuesday night Natalie spent the night with us. It has been so long since we got to spend time with her and we had a good time! Natalie is Adrian's daughter and Adrian and I have been friends well since we started cheering together in the 6th grade and that was 14 years ago. She went to swimming lessons to help encourage Regan to swim and we ate supper at McDonalds where Natalie helped Regan find his way around. They spent most of the day in the pool on the dragon where Natalie decided it was fun for them to fall off backwards. I got a few pictures of them before I had to get in the pool and help put each one on the float after they "fell" off. Here's some pictures

June 3, 2008

Our good friends

Memorial day weekend our good friends Donnell and Lindsay came down from Georgia and we got to spend Saturday night with them. Ricky and Donnell have been friends since they were little. We went out to eat and then went to see the movie Iron Man. It was great to be able to spend some time out with another couple. There is always fun when Ricky and Donnell get together!

Donnell and Lindsay with baby RJ on the way
Lindsay and I did some price comparing in the baby department in Walmart and were amazed at the differences between Georgia and Alabama. I've been wanting them to move back to Alabama and hopefully they will soon!

June 2, 2008

Swimming lessons

We started swimming lessons today.After a late start because the EMS had to be called after a member of the swimming team hit her head on the bottom of the pool while practicing we finally got going.( We stayed in the car while the EMS was there so Regan didn't see any of that) There are 5 other kids from 12 months to 4 in his class. They (meaning all but Regan) did so well. They splashed, climbed out of the pool, jumped back in, blew bubbles, put their face in the water, kicked their feet all when the instructors told them to. Regan was not going to do what they wanted him to do no matter what. Each instructor would come over and spend time with each kid encouraging them and giving tips to us parents. Regan just kept screaming this awful scream and yelling no no me. He couldn't keep up with what the others were doing. It was awful. All these kids were doing so well and then there is mine acting a fool. When it was time to go he screamed all the way to the dressing room and then in the dressing room starts hitting his head on the door. Then screamed all the way to the car. Not exactly my idea of a relaxing time at the pool. But don't fear we will be back tomorrow. Regan takes time to get into a routine and then he does really well so I hope we hit that point quickly.

It was a hard day for mom . To see these younger kids following directions, talking, counting was a little depressing. I know that Reg is behind in so many places but it always stings to actually try to deal with it. Today I just saw how much unlike other kids he really is. I know that that's going to get some of you in a uproar but its the truth. Regan is wonderful in so many ways but so behind and so different than his peers. I just wish I could make it easier for him. Now I'm going to sneak in another good night kiss from my little man. Night~

June 1, 2008

This week will be a busy week for us. Regan and mommy start swimming lessons. Dinner will be a little hectic for us. I try to figure out in my head what we are going to have for supper each night but I'm going to try to plan our meals for a few weeks and see how we do on our budget.

Monday~ Mexican chicken and Rice

Tuesday~ Curry Chicken, corn, green beans

Wednesday~ tater tot casserole

Thursday~ eat out

Friday~ Shrimp and chicken stir fry

Lunches for Reg and I are usually chicken fingers, grilled cheese, pizza bites or ramen noodles.
Breakfast is bacon and biscuits, cereal, muffins and fruit or what ever else I come up with.

Speaking of budget....... How much do people really spend on groceries?
I usually try to plan 75-100 dollars every two weeks. My parents gave us deer meat and so we have deer meat for at least the entire summer left. We have deer burger, deer tenderloin, whole deer, deer steak and I don't even know what else. I love chicken but only buy the boneless breast. I'm not a fan of chicken on the bone. I stock up on can veggies when I find them on sale or I buy at Save-a-lot. I try to buy what's on sale from the weekly ads. A lot of our budget goes to buying milk for Regan. He is allergic to cows milk so we buy soy milk for him and 2% for us. Bananas and apples are a must have no matter what the price. We have blueberry bushes, peach trees, plum trees and pear trees here in our yard so I'm hoping to get most of our summer fruit from those this summer. OK so tell me how much you spend on groceries a week or monthly and if you have any tips on saving some money!

A new one

Well lets start off that this isn't my first blog. My first one well I said that it was going to be a place for me not a place to discuss Regan and all his many things. But a few post into it I decided that I am his mommy and that is where most of my life happens. So here I am ready to start another blog. So lets tell you some about me

I'm a
  • wife to Ricky
  • Mom (meme) to Regan
  • Daughter to Lyn& Ken
  • Sister to Jay
  • Friend to few (~quality not quanity)
  • Grocery Shopper
  • Sale Finder
  • Corolla driver
  • Therapy pusher
  • Book reader
  • chubby bodied
  • Hair dyed
  • Unshaved legged
  • Unorganized
  • laundry hater
  • Sweet tea lover
  • Dave ramsey podcast lover
  • Chicken eater
  • Down Syndrome advocate
  • nail bitter
  • Van Gogh admirer
  • Cry at sad movie
  • Sign language learner
  • football watcher
  • 26 year old