June 13, 2008


Ricky and I have been trying to have a baby for two years this month. I haven't been on a typical cycle since I had Regan. At first it was blamed on hormones, then stress, then body changes, weight gain, not ovulating, stress again and now here we are. I want Regan to have a brother or sister so badly but can't figure out how to get there.

My heart says adoption and more specifically a child with Down Syndrome ( yes you read correctly DS) My brain then says WHAT?!? Financially it will be hard to afford adoption even with lots of the grants out there for special needs adoption, we also worry about who would be here for their future and the financial part of their future. We have a plan for Regan set up so that if we pass away he will have money set aside for his long term care. But to be able to have enough money for two children to live off of would be lots of money.

I have no doubt that Ricky and I would love a adopted child like it was our biological child. We fall in love with our friends kids and love them like they were our own. I feel that we could change our family in a positive way and save a child that needs and deserves a family like ours. We know the process and steps to take to get the services that the child would need and we know the greatest therapist if we could get an infant. Plus we know the joy that Regan brings to our world and would love to double that.

Our other option is to start fertility treatment. I'm so scared about that because of the risk of multiples. I would hate to have to take away from Regan while on bed rest if that was to happen.

We are looking at so many different things right now and are hoping for a door to open either way.

I'll try to keep y'all updated on what our path maybe. Hopefully this time next year we will have more members in our little family.

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regansbamafanmawmawpawpawuncr said...

hi kay this is your motherinlaw rita whatever you decide we will be there if you do ferility we will be there for you God bless you and ricky and regan God will work it out it was nine years later when he gave me ronnie but if i had planned right i would have tried sooner and relax and forget about any stress love ya so much give my grandman a love for us love and prayers roll tide roll regansbamafanmawmawpawpawuncr we are here for ya