June 1, 2008

This week will be a busy week for us. Regan and mommy start swimming lessons. Dinner will be a little hectic for us. I try to figure out in my head what we are going to have for supper each night but I'm going to try to plan our meals for a few weeks and see how we do on our budget.

Monday~ Mexican chicken and Rice

Tuesday~ Curry Chicken, corn, green beans

Wednesday~ tater tot casserole

Thursday~ eat out

Friday~ Shrimp and chicken stir fry

Lunches for Reg and I are usually chicken fingers, grilled cheese, pizza bites or ramen noodles.
Breakfast is bacon and biscuits, cereal, muffins and fruit or what ever else I come up with.

Speaking of budget....... How much do people really spend on groceries?
I usually try to plan 75-100 dollars every two weeks. My parents gave us deer meat and so we have deer meat for at least the entire summer left. We have deer burger, deer tenderloin, whole deer, deer steak and I don't even know what else. I love chicken but only buy the boneless breast. I'm not a fan of chicken on the bone. I stock up on can veggies when I find them on sale or I buy at Save-a-lot. I try to buy what's on sale from the weekly ads. A lot of our budget goes to buying milk for Regan. He is allergic to cows milk so we buy soy milk for him and 2% for us. Bananas and apples are a must have no matter what the price. We have blueberry bushes, peach trees, plum trees and pear trees here in our yard so I'm hoping to get most of our summer fruit from those this summer. OK so tell me how much you spend on groceries a week or monthly and if you have any tips on saving some money!

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