June 26, 2008

Umm.. this may be TMI for some of you

Lets start first with my doctor appointment. I have had crazy cycles since Regan was born. I went to the doctor last year and we discussed some differently options especially since we were wanting another baby. I chickened out! I didn't go back like I supposed to. I had to chart temps for a month and I made it like 3 weeks and then life got busy and I just never called.

So it was time for that dreaded yearly exam again. I started last month charting my temps again so we could see what was going on. I absolutely love the doctor I see at Anniston OB/GYN. He is great and makes me feel so much more comfortable than any other I have seen. So we get in there and start talking and he ask me what happened and if I was still wanting another child. We start discussing symptoms and what is going on with me and he decides to run some test for PCOS. I have read about this before and thought this may be what was going on. But I will know for sure in a few weeks. Then we discussed that the meds that would help treat the pcos would also help me for having a baby! I'm really ready to get all of this taken care of. I only wish I would have done this last year. I'll post more when I find out the results.

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