June 17, 2008


Today is my dad's 53 birthday! I feel like it wasn't very long ago when he came home for his 40th with a shaved head. It was the strangest thing I had ever seen him do. My mom was in shock I think because usually my dad doesn't let things like birthdays be a big thing but 40 was.

Here's some things about my dad from over the years.

1. He always got home from work when I was a kid at 10:23pm~ You could count down to the minute he would pull in the drive way
2. He wears black t-shirts and blue jeans every day
3. He taught me how to shoot a gun when I was little
4. He makes the best turkey and dressing in the world
5. He likes to cook
6. I was 15 when I crawled in his lap and asked him to not make me go out with this guy. He stepped outside and told him to leave and never come back
7. He taught me that its part of marriage to have my feet rubbed and not to accept anything less
8. He used to let me sit on his foot and he would walk with me holding on for dear life.
9. He gave piggy back rides when I would meet him at the car at 10:23pm
10. He never said much but what he said was how he honestly felt
11. He taught be to make a decision and then do it. Not to keep going back and forth
12. He still baits my hook and takes my fish off the hook. Heck he even casts it if I can't get it where I want it!!
13. We used to watch the Smurfs on Saturday mornings
14. He recently showed me how to can green beans
15. He put rocks in my cleats to make me stop running flat footed
16. He took me to get my ear pierced on top in Panama City even though mom wasn't too sure about it
17. He had a heart attack summer before my junior year and saw me walk past the er room he was in. Mom thought he was crazy.
18. He had to remind me to walk at my wedding cause I just stood there.
19. He is so fun to see with Regan when its the two of them together.
20. He once covered up the doll in the crib and left me asleep in the floor from where I had crawled out of the crib.
21. My dad worked 6/7 days a week 10/12 hours a day so that he could provide all that we needed even though he missed out on a lot of us growing up
22. He makes the best homemade cough syrup
23. He still calls me boop after all these years
24. He is so color blind it isn't funny
25. He works in the paint department at honda and can't tell what color is what!

Happy Birthday Dad!

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