June 1, 2008

A new one

Well lets start off that this isn't my first blog. My first one well I said that it was going to be a place for me not a place to discuss Regan and all his many things. But a few post into it I decided that I am his mommy and that is where most of my life happens. So here I am ready to start another blog. So lets tell you some about me

I'm a
  • wife to Ricky
  • Mom (meme) to Regan
  • Daughter to Lyn& Ken
  • Sister to Jay
  • Friend to few (~quality not quanity)
  • Grocery Shopper
  • Sale Finder
  • Corolla driver
  • Therapy pusher
  • Book reader
  • chubby bodied
  • Hair dyed
  • Unshaved legged
  • Unorganized
  • laundry hater
  • Sweet tea lover
  • Dave ramsey podcast lover
  • Chicken eater
  • Down Syndrome advocate
  • nail bitter
  • Van Gogh admirer
  • Cry at sad movie
  • Sign language learner
  • football watcher
  • 26 year old

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