June 2, 2008

Swimming lessons

We started swimming lessons today.After a late start because the EMS had to be called after a member of the swimming team hit her head on the bottom of the pool while practicing we finally got going.( We stayed in the car while the EMS was there so Regan didn't see any of that) There are 5 other kids from 12 months to 4 in his class. They (meaning all but Regan) did so well. They splashed, climbed out of the pool, jumped back in, blew bubbles, put their face in the water, kicked their feet all when the instructors told them to. Regan was not going to do what they wanted him to do no matter what. Each instructor would come over and spend time with each kid encouraging them and giving tips to us parents. Regan just kept screaming this awful scream and yelling no no me. He couldn't keep up with what the others were doing. It was awful. All these kids were doing so well and then there is mine acting a fool. When it was time to go he screamed all the way to the dressing room and then in the dressing room starts hitting his head on the door. Then screamed all the way to the car. Not exactly my idea of a relaxing time at the pool. But don't fear we will be back tomorrow. Regan takes time to get into a routine and then he does really well so I hope we hit that point quickly.

It was a hard day for mom . To see these younger kids following directions, talking, counting was a little depressing. I know that Reg is behind in so many places but it always stings to actually try to deal with it. Today I just saw how much unlike other kids he really is. I know that that's going to get some of you in a uproar but its the truth. Regan is wonderful in so many ways but so behind and so different than his peers. I just wish I could make it easier for him. Now I'm going to sneak in another good night kiss from my little man. Night~

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Shasta said...

Hey! How is Regan doing now that he has been taking the lessons for a little while. God has a purpose for Regan just like the rest of us; "You made my whole being; you formed me in my mother's body. I praise you because you made me in an amazing and wonderful way. What you have done is wonderful. I know this very well." Psalm 139:13-14 I know how you feel because the thought of not always being able to be there to protect our babies as they get older is scary, but know God is always there. I try not to compare Hunter to other babies because it makes me upset at how difficult it is for Hunter when it seems so easy for others, but he has the determination to do whatever it is. We miss y'all. Regan will and has touched so many lives. Maybe we can watch the Bucket List together, I have been wanting to see that movie since it come out. Corey bought me Mad Money for our Anniversary, but I haven't seen it, yet. I don't watch TV much anymore, maybe movies every now and then. I sometimes do miss it, but I have alot more time to do other things now. Y'all ahve to go see Kung Fu Panda, it is hilarious. Me, Corey, and Tristan laughed the whole time through the movie, it is really good. It is playing at the Drive-in. Give Regan hugs and kisses from me. Tell Ricky we said what's up. Give yourself a hug from me. Call me so we can get together. Miss y'all!!!!!!!! Oh, by the way save the day of the 24th we go and talk to Mr. C.