June 20, 2008

Toby Keith...rocked

Well, The concert was probably one of the best concerts I've been too. Montgomery Gentry and Toby were awesome and even the two bands that opened for them were good. The first band have only two songs and one of them was something about a girl sporting a beer gut. So funny and one of the guys was dancing crazy and even broke out the worm!! So good!! Anyway I was so afraid it was going to be too hot but when the sun went down it felt pretty good. The men on stage made us all a little hot! We had a great time! My camera and I didn't get along but I'll try to put some pictures up. Most of them are blurry.

A people were a little to intoxicated to be there. I have no problem with a drink or so here and there. I had a margarita but one lady was so drunk there is no way she would even remember who was playing. I just don't get that you pay money to get so drunk you can't walk. Plus, the price of drinks were CRAZY! Oh well it looked like she was with a sugar daddy anyway.

*** Maw maw I still think you can get meds for your "addiction" to Regan.
She cried when we left him and then proceeded to pull out a picture of him that she had packed!

I hope that have another child so that I can one day know the addiction I hear grandparents talk about. I felt guilty about not being sad to leave him. I miss being something other than just mommy sometimes. I love being a mommy but I also miss being "K" and going out last night helped alot with my emotions.

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