June 16, 2008

Just some thoughts

I'm up at 11 tonight because:

1~ I'm reading a book
2~ Its hot in our house tonight
3~ I'm emotional tonight

I have been addicted to reading her lately and seem to read a book every two days. I really have been enjoying James Patterson books. I used to be a Sandra Brown reader only but she seems to have too many details about the "adult" interactions. I don't need to know every move and every groove a couple does. YA KNOW!?!

Its so hot the air is on 72 but whew I can't seem to get cool enough. Maybe its hormones which is why I'm sad tonight.

Regan has been a mess today. Its just been a crazy day for him. I should be passed out. My cell phone got a bath today. I had washed dishes this afternoon and he got my cell phone and threw it into the dish water!!!! My brand new phone that is less than 2 weeks old is now filled with water. I did take it apart and start blow drying it but I'm not sure its going to make it. :( Plus I didn't get insurance cause well I just didn't!!

I'm going to try this sleeping thing again. Good Night!!

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Shasta said...

Sorry to hear about your cellphone. Did you get it to working again? I am glad that your finding the time to be able to read. Hunter is into everything that doesn't get him first. I am soo excited about touring Rainbow Omega next week. I have never been there before. I want to tour it during the vocational time, maybe another time. Don't forget about the meeting next week with Mr. C. I miss talking to you more regular, but I know you are a busy woman. Don't forget to check out Tiffany's blog. Well, I better go for now. Tell your dad I said Happy Birthday!!!! I hope he has a wonderful Birthday.. Give Regan hugs and kisses for me. Tell Ricky we said hello...