June 6, 2008

Natalie and Regan

Tuesday night Natalie spent the night with us. It has been so long since we got to spend time with her and we had a good time! Natalie is Adrian's daughter and Adrian and I have been friends well since we started cheering together in the 6th grade and that was 14 years ago. She went to swimming lessons to help encourage Regan to swim and we ate supper at McDonalds where Natalie helped Regan find his way around. They spent most of the day in the pool on the dragon where Natalie decided it was fun for them to fall off backwards. I got a few pictures of them before I had to get in the pool and help put each one on the float after they "fell" off. Here's some pictures

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regansbamafanmawmawpawpawuncr said...

hi i am so glad he and natalie had such a great time together those pictures are great. sorry fri. went sour for you that is the way life is but it will be better love yaw keep up the good job yaw are doing with my grandson yaw are great parents love and prayers roll tide roll love regansbamafanmawmawpawpapw and uncr