June 23, 2008

Fishing and bait for those mosquitos

We spent yesterday afternoon at my step-grandmothers place on the river. My paw-paw passed away eight years ago in May but she has always keep up with us. Jay and my dad go fishing a good bit there and Ricky goes some too. Ricky and I decided we wanted to enjoy the afternoon doing something different than we usually do so we went. I could care less what I catch as long as I'm catching something. Jay and Ricky set out for only "THE BIG ONE" I caught 7 fish!! Ricky caught 0 and Jay caught 1! Although his 1 weighed more than my seven put together I still won!!

The top two are mine and the bottom picture is the one that Jay caught!

I think the mosquito population feed off of my legs and arms! I haven't had so many bites in years. I surely don't remember them itching as bad as these do. I have these huge places all over where they got me. It was a great afternoon and I'm already talking about going back....... very soon!

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