July 13, 2009

Oh what fun

First off Regan will be having another surgery this week. We aren't looking forward to the recovery process. Regan will be on all liquids for a few days to a week. He should love all the popsicle meals he will have. Since his asthma acts up with icecream and milk we are looking for some interesting things to eat. Our freezer will soon be filled to the top with frozen stuff.

Last night when we came home from our dinner with my parents. I was putting stuff away and walked into the bathroom that we haven't used in two years but were getting ready to start using it again when the baby gets here and what do I find but about two inches of water standing in the floor and the toilet running over still!! Ricky came when he heard me screaming and got the water turned off but we had to rip the carpet up (Yes, I know carpet in a bathroom It was here when we bought the house) So The floor into the room is still damp but we worked for hours last night trying to get them dry. I'm so glad that under that carpet was some linoleum. It's not pretty but its better than ruining the floor of the bathroom. There is a piece of sheet rock that will need to replaced but we hope that that was all the water damage. Not the was to end a weekend.

I won't be posting much if any for the next few weeks while we recover. Hopefully I can start back after he is healed.

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Zeus_tfc said...

Have you tried those fruit bars for Dole? They are yummlish!!!
Hugs for the little man:-)
The Duchess