July 24, 2009

<100 days

I have less than 100 days till this baby is here. AHHH! It kinda hit me lastnight that time is just flying by. We could have him in 10 weeks!! It will be no more than 13 weeks!! How scary is that?! We need to get a move on!!

Things to accomplish before he gets here:

~Get all his clothes washed. (I've washed some but no where near all of them)
~Get his changing table ready. (I have the pad but can't find my covers)
~Buy diapers!!!!! I only have two packs of diapers for him and one of them is a preemie pack of diapers.
~Get more thick blankets
~Get his name letters painted and hung.
~Get the baby swings and seats and make sure they all still work, if not need a new one
~Buy socks the sock monster ate all the socks that I thought I kept
~Find a coming home outfit for Kollyn
~Get Ricky to decide if we really need a new car seat. I'm thinking no.
~Install the car seat
~Find our baby monitor or buy new ones.
~Decide on a pediatrician or decide if we are keeping our current
~Find a lamp/nightlight for his room
~Decide if we need a breast pump and buy one

I can think of lots of other things but those are the main things that are bothering me.

Oh I can't wait to hold this baby in my arms!! 91 days till my due date!!!!

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