July 22, 2009

Can I just say that this pregnancy is not going very well. First off I started having blood pressure problems early on. I've been on medicine for that since about 10 weeks. Then 2 weeks ago I had infection in my urine and my Blood Pressure was once again running high. Today I had my 1 hour glucose test and failed it,pretty bad. Plus, I'm anemic now!! The one good thing is that my blood pressure was 134/80. Which is higher than it is at home but not at such a horrible level like before. I'm not sure things aren't just falling apart.

My mom proceeds to tell me that it's my fault and that I knew this would happen when I got pregnant and wasn't in the best health and that I'm not eating right and haven't been taking care of myself and I knew this was coming. Umm, thanks for the support mom! I disappoint her once again!!! Seems like that is all I ever do is embarrass her.

I go tomorrow for the 3 hour test. Should be fun!! Ricky is going to take off to keep me entertained. I could just take a book but having him there will make it go by faster, I hope!

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regansbamafanmawmawpawpawuncr said...

hi it will be alright but do eat right and take care of yourself we love ya so much God bless ya your mom just loves you and she is thinking of her little girl that is mothers for you to her you are still her little girl it will be ok you know she loves you so much the Bible does say that a man and woman that marry are to become as one so ricky is your support and you are his support and me and daddy and your mom and dad and yas brothers are your support and greatgrandparents are there for ya too! everyone gets upset sometimes and says stuff but nothing is greater than LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless all of you and we are here for you and you know it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!love ya so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!