December 21, 2008

It's my birthday!!

I'm sitting here enjoying the last 30 mins of my birthday! Everyone is asleep, the oven is self-cleaning itself, the dryer is drying some much needed towels and I'm drinking some apple cider. Yum!

I'm not believing that its soo cold. We started out on Friday at 70 and now its 30 degrees as of my last check. Brr! I'm not loving it. Never fear though right cause in two days the weather will be something totally different. Gotta love Alabama! I did however get some warm pjs from my mom today so I'm all polka dotted and warm tonight. I got some other "pjs" that Ricky likes but its too cold and well I'm kinda embarrased my mom bought it.

A must have for every person in the world is... a digital picture frame. Mom got me one and I have sat for hours watching the pictures. I know every picture that is on it but its still fun to see them appear. ( Little does she know but we got her one for Christmas this year!)

We went this morning to see Ricky's pawpaw in a play in church. It was sooooo hot in there most of the members are older and they had on their jackets but us "young" people had the fans going. It could have been the middle of July during a heat wave. Woo! Those poor people need to get them some blood. Even Regan was fanning himself. Which brings me to a question.....
********* Do you put your children in Christmas sweaters???**********
Ricky about died that I put one on Regan. He says its dorky but I think its cute on kids his age. At 10 no probably not but at 3 YES!! I don't want to be dorkin my kid up so let me know....

I'm off to bed, I hope~ Night!

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