December 12, 2008

Money Talk..

Times are tough in America and all over the world for that matter. I'm so tired of hearing about stock market, recessions, failing credit markets and all that other stuff. I'm not sure what I think about the bailouts for the banks or the bailouts for the car companies. All that money could have been used for something that would help keep Americans in their homes, right? Helped people who are without jobs, we are at the highest jobless rate in 27 years. That's as long as I've been alive.

This isn't a blog about how to save the world of economic crisis its just about what we are doing as a family to hopefully make it through. Ricky's overtime has been cut drastically. He was working all the overtime he wanted and now in the last two week he has begged and been able to work 4 hours. Yippee! Getting these new paychecks has been a shocker. My mom always told me not to live on the OT pay but base pay. SHE WAS RIGHT.

~Coupons~ yep, I'm a coupon cutter/down loader. How great is it that you can down load coupons now! I get some great coupons out of the P&G coupon book for things like toothpaste, cleaning supplies.

~Shopping CVS and Walgreens~ CVS especially have the bonus bucks, when you use the bonus bucks from buying something and then add the coupons you can get stuff CHEAP! Like some swimmers diapers for .17! That's my favorite deal of the fall.

Samples~ has a section of free samples. I order all of them even if I don't need them. Some of the samples have been toothpaste, feminine products (great for the car, coffee, diapers,laundry detergent,makeup and cat and dog food samples and coupons for free stuff! I went to Mobile last month with my mom and had samples of body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, lotion so that saved having to buy those trial sizes or pack the big stuff.

Cooking at home~ Oh, How I hate to eat at home every night. Our eating out was costing us 500 dollars a month. Now we spend about 100 a month. Pull out the old recipe books and be creative. Kraft foods is one of my favorite places for recipes.If you must go out just order two appetizers. Cost less and you can share. Ricky and I do this alot and walk out full on 15.00.

Our biggest blessing has been that we saved. Not alot but if we do get into a pinch we will somehow make it. I have a online savings account with ING direct which has been great for us. It takes about 2 days for the money to be transferred back into a checking account so we don't just dip into it when money gets tight. It was earning really good interest but now its only about 2%. Better than nothing!

I'm glad sells are so popular right now. Most places even have their Christmas decorations half off already. We have picked up some good deals off of amazon and ebay this year. Be creative with your gift giving! I love getting a recipe and the ingredients to make it or when you get a basket full of cleaning supplies and paper towels. But I am a little strange!!

Times are tough and will probably not be better right away. Maybe the financial problems of the world are a way of getting back to the simply things in life. Have a Merry Christmas!

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