July 21, 2008

Home sweet home!

Ricky and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend at Carillon Beach Resort in Florida. We had a hard time leaving Regan but I know that he had a good time without meme and daddy. We stayed in a beautiful place at Carillon Beach. Its between Panama City and Destin. The water was clear and there weren't any waves. We laid on floats in the ocean and just relaxed. The place where we stayed has had some new places open near the hotel one was a blues bar, a pizza place and a cute little seafood place. We had a great time and I want to share some pictures. The hotel was a short walk to the beach but it's around a beautifully landscaped stone walkway with these amazing houses that can be rented. They would drive you by golf cart to the beach if you wanted. We took the ride one day but the rest of the time we just enjoyed the beautiful walk. The lake that is in front of the Inn had turtles and fish and was just so pretty. We saw a few people fishing in front of it. I liked that we were away from all the craziness that happens at PCB I just want to relax at the beach not worry about what I may see. I tried to talk Ricky into moving but he is becoming a home body!

On the doctor note..... I do have PCOS. I knew that but I finally have a dx.
My labs were really messed up. My blood sugar was low but my insulin was really high. My estrogen was low but my testosterone was about triple what it should be. I'm now taking two meds one to lower the insulin and one to lower the testosterone both I will probably take forever. I may be able to drop the one for the testosterone if those levels ever drop. I'm ok with all of it. The insulin meds make me dizzy but I think it will take some getting used to. The metformin that is for insulin is safe to take if I ever do get pregnant so that is a relief. I'm just glad to finally have an answers to my questions.

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