July 7, 2008

Happy July

I can not believe its already July. Where has this year gone?

We spent the last week doing lots of fun things. Gatlinburg, birthdays, cookouts, fireworks, yard work and spending time with family and friends. I love summer when you can sit in the shade and just relax.

I'm not a fan of the gas prices but I do see it changing the way people do things. We have stayed at home with family and friends more. It has cut down on the got to go feeling I had. I have seen more people in their yards playing volleyball, more people on front porches, more kids running in the sprinklers and I love it. I love hearing stories of when people visited with their family and hung out at their neighbors house all summer.

A few celebrations to mention since my last post..

June 29Th ~~ Ricky's dad's b-day
July 5Th~~ My mom's b-day
July 7Th ~~ Mike and Candace's 1 year anniversary

Congrats to all of you!

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