July 31, 2008


I was thinking today about Regan's first sign. It was more. I had just had a cry on the phone that he would never get it and that afternoon with our favorite Speech Therapist in the world he did it! I remember the feeling of happiness that he got it. From that day he was added signs like crazy. I actually don't know how many signs he knows now. Over 100 I'm sure. I did try to keep up with them but just can't anymore. He adds to them all the time. Our latest group of signs has to do with school. Colors, backpack, pay attention and the list goes on. But even with all the progress I want more.

More words

More signs

More concepts

More friends

More acceptance

More opportunities

More involvement

More abilities

More, More,More

I don't think as humans we will ever be satisfied with what we have its always more that we are craving.

I want more all the time

More money

More time

More friends

More kids

More house

More me time

More family time

More mom daughter time

More laughs

More, More, More

How selfish. I have a wonderful hubby, beyond great son, great parents, great in-laws, great friends. I'm challenging my self this week to enjoy more of what I have, to want less and explore the wonderful world I have.

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Shasta said...

If you can figure out how to enjoy what you have and not want more, tell me the secret!! Although I try to have that outlook in life. I catch myself still wanting more at times. Don't forget about our manicure and pedicure on Wednesday..Love ya!!!