April 8, 2009

Mediocre News...

I wouldn't say that we got Good news or bad news from the neuro surgeon on Monday. It was mediocre news, I think. Regan is at risk for spinal cord injury more than a "typical" child is. He however at this time doesn't show symptoms that this may have already happened. We are to limit the activities that might cause jarring, impact,or cause excessive movement of his neck. Right now we know that football,gymnastics,diving, soccer, and Rugby are totally out. We are limiting him on inflatable bounce things. At this point he isn't to crazy in them and doesn't try to flip or land straight on his back. We feel at this time it is mostly safe but we may change our minds as time goes on. We will be making decisions on roller coasters and those sort of things at the time he wants to ride them. Right now the ones at six flags for his age aren't too wild but we know that the time will come that we do have to restrict him on them.
I'm sure some of you may think that we are being too cautious but we are doing what we as his parents feel is best for him. I don't want to put him in a bubble but I do not want to put his well being at risk either. There are plenty of things in life that he will be allowed to do with no restrictions,but we have to protect his neck and a spinal cord injury is not something we ever want to have to face.
We will be seen by Dr. Blount again next year and will see where we are at that point.

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