April 29, 2009

We decided on a last minute trip to the beach over the weekend. We drove down after Ricky got off work Friday making it to Panama City Beach around 930. We decided to follow the GPS because it told us it had a "faster" route. WRONG in so many ways. I was ready to throw it out the window for the way it took us was almost to Destin and then back to Panama City, what a waste of an hour.
So after we went around the world to get there we played in the sand for a while, Regan loved it!! He was so excited to have this huge sand box. The next morning we were up bright and early to go play before it got too hot. Regan again spent hours playing in the sand. He thought that the ocean was the pool and would say big pool when he wanted to get wet. The bad part was double red flags the entire time. :( We would let him stand on the edge and that was okay for a little while.
But then he decided he wanted to go in the waves and really have some fun!!

We had a good time just hanging out together and Ricky and I figured that would be our last trip just the three of us. So it was nice to just play and enjoy whatever Regan wanted to do.

We headed home Monday and we were all sad to say bye to the beach. Regan kept saying bye pool, bye pool on the way out. He was at the perfect age to enjoy everything and he did.

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