April 6, 2009

We're back..

We are heading back to Childrens Hospital today. This time to see a neuro surgeon. We were supposed to wait three months before going. But We now have an appointment today!! They wanted the neuro to check and see what he thought about fusion since this involved Regan's skull. I'm nervous. Ricky is working, so my mom is going with us. If (and I hope they do) we needed someone to go into xray with him she would be better anyway.

Okay well its time to get going so I'll hopefully have a great update tomorrow.

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Shasta said...

I am sorry that Regan is having to go through all these tests, we will be praying for him. He is growing so fast and turning into a big boy. We hope y'all have a great Easter. How are you feeling? I am glad to hear that everything is going well with your pregnancy. I know you are feeling so paranoid about everything you do. I remember when I was preganant with Hunter after my miscarriage, I was terrified if I or anyone else bumped my belly, or I had any pains, I would freak out and that is okay. If you ever need to talk you know my email or phone just give me a shout. We are praying for your family as it grows. Talk to you later..