April 13, 2009


I had my 12 weeks check up today. My blood pressure was up still but down from where it was. But he wants me on medicine anyway. I'm okay with that for the most part. I do know that at home it isn't elevated so it makes me wonder what will happen if its pushed lower. We will see. I'm still having major exhaustion, I can't hardly hold my head up by the time Ricky gets home in the evenings. Dinner at our house has been lacking but my sweet hubby just tells me to go on to bed and doesn't complain. How sweet!! I get to stop taking the progesterone so that may help. Since I'm past 12 weeks the placenta has taken over the hormones for the baby so that is a great thing.
The baby's heart rate was 156bpm. The doctor says must be a girl! Who knows if that old wives tale is true but maybe we will find out. I still won't find out if its a boy or girl for two months. That seems like forever but will be here soon I'm sure!!!

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