May 16, 2009

Circle,square, triangle,star

What do these shapes have in common??? They are the shapes that Regan knows!!!!! He surprised us this week before bed when we were getting ready for bed and we asked him where the triangle was and he pointed to it and said there. So then it was to the circle again he pointed to it and said there, square? there, star? there. Meme and daddy cried and we had a party right there before bed. We have talked about shapes but I've never asked him if he knew them but he does!!! On Wednesday before I would let my mom pull out of the drive way I had to show her and she of course cried too! She knows all the times I struggle and call her crying because of the delays we see. It was so nice to have someone as excited about his education as I am. I've been holding this in until we had a chance to show both sets of the grandparents and its been killing me.

I did go to the doctor Wednesday!! Little ones heart rate was 144bpm and things seem to be good. My blood pressure was up a little but we have been checking it at home and its been no higher than 120/76. I just seem to get nervous in there! As the ticker up there shows we find out boy or girl on June 10th. I can't wait!!! We are have a girl name picked out but are still having trouble with the boy name. Ricky says its a sign.

I've decided to follow along with a bunch of thebump girls and post this quiz along with a picture.
(pleases excuse the red polish, Regan helped me chose that day)
How far along: 17 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: up two pounds
Maternity clothes? yes, some of my pants still fit but maternity pants are comfy
Stretch marks? none added
Sleep: wish I could get more
Best moment this week: getting some real good movement
Movement: yes! A few times a day especially in the evening
Food cravings: BBQ sandwiches from Dad's and cherry slushes
Food aversions: no fast food hamburgers. Yuck!
Gender: I'm going with boy.
Labor Signs: negative
Belly Button in or out? in
What I miss: nothing I've been wanting this for almost three years
What I am looking forward to: finding out what the baby is!
Weekly Wisdom: milk coming back up after eating sweet cereal will only make you want to throw up more.
Milestones: Being 17 weeks
Have a good weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

Good Job Regan! Don't get discouraged all kids will surprise you when you least expect it. They know more than you think they do.