May 2, 2009

5th grade meanies

So yesterday I was sitting at the elementary school waiting for Regan to be done with speech. I kept hearing all these boys names being called to the office. I think 10 or so. Of course, I have no idea what they did but, I do know they were in the principals office and no smiling faces went in or out of there. They were all in big trouble for whatever they did.

A few minutes later Regan's favorite police officer arrived to school to do his walk around and just show that we do have cops out in the sticks. So while he is in the office I hear "Will you go to the 5th grade hall, a boy got angry at his teacher, slammed the door on his way out, and broke the door" UMM what?? He broke the door??? Now of course he goes on down that way and and a comes back with this boy who couldn't of weighed more that 70 pounds. How in the world did that boy break the door? He was so funny, lips all poked out, arms crossed across his chest. He just made me want to laugh.

Undoubtedly when its almost time for school to get out in the 5th grade the boys go stupid.

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