May 11, 2009

Great news

Regan gets to go to AES next year for preschool!!! Yea! I've only been begging,pleading, crying trying to get him in for two years but hey at least we got in next school year!! He will be going 5 days a weeks and we even set it up for him to be able to ride the bus. He is so excited about the bus thing, I am not. I can't imagine him getting on the bus and leaving without me right there with him. We have discussed that the first week I get to take him to school then if he wants to ride the bus he can. But he sure is excited about that yellow cheese wagon.

I go to the doctor Wednesday! I'm still having some anxiety issues but have been feeling him/her move some. Yipee! Now if this itching would go away things would be great! My blood pressure has been running at 100/60 so I'd say that is pretty good. No swelling, no more headaches, no throwing up except with some strong smells, just mild mood swings, more energy I mean look its 220 in the morning and I'm up wired. I do however blame that on the glass of tea I had today. I ordered sprite but got tea and I hated to send it back ;)IT WAS SOOOO GOOD.

I hope everyone had a wonderful MOTHERS DAY!! I did! I'm so thankful for the mom's in my life for all the love and support.

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