May 23, 2009

Life is too short..

We got a call Friday that no family ever wants to get. My aunt was killed during a test ride at a Birmingham race track.
Without giving out too many of the details....
A corner worker radioed in and reported debris the track he was told the track was hot and bikes were coming and to wait. He entered twice anyway and was struck by my aunt at around 120mph. Both my aunt and the worker were killed on impact according to the medical examiner.
My uncle was at the track testing as well and called family for support. Sutton was an wonderful match to my uncle and was so sweet. On my wedding day Russ and Sutton got engaged. She requested that they not tell anyone their news in order to make the day all about me. She is the step-mom to two of the cutest boys and I know they will miss her dearly. My heart breaks for my uncle who is dealing with her untimely death.

The story from the news is from Friday evening before names and information was realeased.

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