June 1, 2009

June 1st

I've dreaded this day for 7months 1week and 3days. It is a day that will I will remember forever. Even when everyone I know has forgotten and they have, I will know that my sweet baby was due today. I've heard other mothers of lost babies say that they felt the loss even 25 years later. I know for sure I will. Today I feel the lump in my throat instead of the lump in my stomach as I think of what should of been.

After over two years of trying I was so excited to find out that all the charting,medicines, wanting, praying, crying had finally paid off. We were expecting!! 9 short weeks later this horrible day happened even in 9 weeks I fell in love with this sweet baby It's hard to describe loving someone you have never set eyes on but I did. I still love that baby, not a day has gone by that I haven't thought of where in my pregnancy I would be. I still even with this baby know how many weeks and what would be happening if the baby was still growing inside me.
Today is a day that I remember that things can be taken away in a single moment. That even when we think we have our road all mapped out we aren't the driver, we are just passengers along for the ride.

ladybug Pictures, Images and Photos I miss you my sweet ladybug.

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