October 24, 2008

There's a reason for everything

Somethings just don't end up the way we want them too, Life isn't always fair, When one door closes another one opens, It will happen when its suppose to happen,There's a reason for everything. These things have been on a record playing in my head since Wednesday at 134pm.

What happened at 134pm 10/22/08 changed my world. I was up washing dishes and all the sudden had to go potty. Not a shock when your in your first trimester. I noticed some darkish color and panic set in. I was spotting, I had been kinda cramping all day. I was thinking that I was stretching, Nope! I called Ricky, the doctor, my mom, Ricky's mom. I was at the doctor within 35 mins getting ready for the ultrasound. My wonderful doctor came in and started measuring the baby and I saw that it was measuring only two days larger than my last ultrasound, which was two weeks ago!! Then I noticed no little flicker and then it set in. My little one was gone. A few minutes later the doctor confirmed it. Little one wasn't with its mommy anymore.

I had the not so fun D&C yesterday. I'm now only one but part of that baby will always be with me. Since 9/11 I have been on cloud 9. I waited for over 2 years to get pregnant and I got to spend the last 5 weeks and few days excited that we would be adding to our family. I'm still glad that I got those 5 weeks. I got to see its little heart beat and I know that it was part of our family even for the short time it was with me.

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Kennis Johnson said...

I have been praying for you and will continue. Please let me know if I can do anything else to help you through this time.

regansbamafanmawmawpawpawuncr said...

i love you babies our little one is in heaven praying for you love you and call us if you need us God is with you