October 15, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We took Regan back to the pumpkin patch in Hayden. We enjoyed it again as always!! They have so much to do there. Petting zoo, train rides, pony rides, bounce activities and of course the hay ride to the pumpkin patch and sunflower field. Regan didn't want to get a big pumpkin he wanted the smallest pumpkins he could find. It took us forever to find a pumpkin that we all agreed on. Ricky is so picky it couldn't be too flat, too oval, too pale, too round we walked that patch forever!!! Here's some pictures...

We decided to try to carve the pumpkin Tuesday while Daddy was at work. Regan didn't want any part of getting the goop out of the pumpkin. I thought he would love it! All he kept saying was Yuck. I had to do all the cleaning out of the insides by myself. Ricky and I are going to carve the face by our self cause Regan could care less. We both are so excited to figure out what face we want to carve. He may get one side and me the other. ~We will have a two faced pumpkin~ :) Ha! get it? a two faced pumpkin!! Okay, no more trying to be funny! Here's more pictures...

Our pumpkin made it home

~The first touch of pumpkin~

I tricked him into holding this piece

This picture was just too cute to leave off!

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