October 7, 2008

Baby update

Today was my first check up! I was so nervous and excited all together. So first of all the good ole pee pee fun. I had to go so that wasn't a problem! Then we finally get called after what I thought was hours but was only 10 mins for the ultrasound. I'm so ready for this moment I took about two seconds to get down to my nothings and wrap the so called sheet around me. We finally start and she asks my LMP which was 08/10 so I should be 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant.... wrong..... I'm only 6 weeks and two days. I have a crazy body and I don't ovulate like other people do, two weeks after their period, I ovulated this time about a week and half later. So, I'm not where I thought I was but, I'm still pregnant and that is all that matters. The heart rate of the baby was 160bpm and all you could see was a blob on the screen. The CRNP set up for me to have another ultrasound in 4 weeks so that I can see things better. I'm excited for that day already.

We did discuss going to the genetic department at UAB for some detailed testing and scans. Ricky and I have had many tearful discussions the last few weeks about if we wanted these test and we don't. With Regan all the test came back "normal" and they weren't. I don't think I would believe them either way now. We have waited and wanted for two years for this baby and nothing is going to change about us wanting this baby. Plus, if something is wrong I know a group of ladies that would be by our side just like they were with Regan. :)

I'm now due June 1st. I've always wanted a Summer time baby and it looks like we will finally get ours. YEAH!!

I'm headed to bed. Meme's tired!

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