October 1, 2008

Dear Uncle Ben.... now know as Lima Bean

Why are you making me so hungry? Mommy just ate two hours ago. Don't you remember the pears and yogurt? I thought it was delicious. Now I understand that you are a growing child but mommy doesn't like feeling like a garbage disposal. She is constantly eating for you child. My tummy growls ever two hours, I mean come on this morning at 5 I was hungry that's after getting up at midnight while we were powerless to get some crackers and juice.

Waking mommy up at 12,2, and 4 to go to the potty isn't really all that necessary is it? I can't sleep as it is because mommy isn't supposed to be on her belly which is how she likes to sleep.

These blotches that you seem to have made show up all over my body is that really necessary? I never had perfect skin at all but this is a disaster. I thought pregnant people glowed I seem to be turning into a leopard.

We have to work out some sort of deal here child, more food for less spots and bathroom trips in the middle of the night?

Your loving, spotted, hungry,sleepy mommy.

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