September 30, 2008

Another reason why you should never open the door to strangers....

Here is a conversation I had with the lovely cable company man yesterday. I know your just doing your job dude. But check the name or address before you get all mean. You almost made this pregnant woman cry and I didn't do anything wrong.

Cable man~ Hello Mam, I'm here to pick up your cable equipment.

Me~ umm Why

CM~ Cause we pick up the cable equipment when you don't bring it into the office

Me~ Why do I need to take it to the office

CM~ Your cable's been disconnected since the August 11

Me~ no, no it hasn't

CM~ according to our records it has and we must pick up the cable equipment today or you will be charged a 300.00 equipment fee

Me~ Listen I'm in here right now watching Ever After on E! So I know that our cable isn't disconnected and I made a payment Thursday that cleared my bank on Friday so again there wold be no reason to have our cable disconnected. Are you sure you have the right people??

CM~ Look mam I'm just here to collect the equipment.

Me~ What address are you looking for?

CM~ ***** Sulpher Springs Road

Me~ Well we live on Alexandria Wellington Road

CM~ Is your name ***********

Me~ Nope

Cm~ Sorry for the mix up.

Me~ Shuts the door

I think they owe me a month for free after that.

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Kennis said...

My brother works at Cable One. If that was him, I'm gonna slap him for you. I'll so get to the bottom of this!