September 10, 2008

September 10th ~

Lets step back to September 10Th 2001.

I was working at Occupational Health and had been there for 8 months, I was bored at night so I started working at Martins in Gadsden just for something to do at night. Ricky and I had been dating a few weeks. He worked 2ND shift at Springs in Piedmont.

I was filling in at The Rehab Center for the week. Monday was my first day there. I spent the day pulling table paper, answering phone calls, making coffee, watching TV and reading books. It was so much easier than my job at OHC. I didn't get to eat lunch with Ricky like usual because I only got 30 mins there. I think I worked at Martins that night and I know I talked to Ricky that night on his way home from Piedmont.

Can you remember 09-10-2001? That's the day before our lives changed, right? That's the day before we learned what and who we were. The day before we pulled together with our families and the day before so many people lost part of their family. Lots of time we remember what we were doing when a tragedy occurred but don't remember before.

Here's the challenge for today 7 years later..........
I want to know what your day was like on September 10.... Do you remember what you were doing? Do you remember what events you were looking forward to? Email me, comment me, mail me, smoke signal me whatever you must do just let me know.

Tomorrow is a important day in our history and we will discuss that tomorrow. Until then have a wonderful day and hug your family.

Your entire life can change in just one day.

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regansbamafanmawmawpawpawuncr said...

yes on 9/10/01 i worked in the lunchroom at kse and ronnie was in the 5th grade we came home his dad and ricky worked 2nd shift at united defense and springs ronnie and i listened to the radio and the tv shows and it was so unreal cried and felt so sorry for all those familes that was affected by it!!!! the nation came together for awhile but now it is forgetting but we have to be strong and pray to God everyday and be happy do things with our famuly and love and hugs and kisses love is a strong thing God bless ya and everyone and God bless america